International Scholarship in Australian University

Australia has always welcomed immigrants since its discovery. It has provided them with opportunities be it a job or education. In fact, Australia has harbored many international students who come seeking higher studies. In light of international students many universities in Australia offers international scholarship. These scholarships are meant for international students and aims to uplift the financial burden. Moreover, these universities believe that aiding students financially can bring unparalleled potential among students.

On that note, let’s look at these universities in Australia that not only provide the best education but also financial aids to international students. Moreover, these are the best universities ranks higher in the world university ranking as well as provide excellent International scholarships.

Australian Catholic University

Location: Adelaide, Ballarat, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, North Sydney, Strathfield

Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a public university in Australia. It has seven Australian campuses spread across Australian territories.  Australian Catholic University provides education for over 32,000 students studying various programs in different levels. Moreover, ACU offers a large range of undergraduate as well as graduate programs. The average tuition fee in ACU is estimated at AUD22,000. Furthermore, the Australian Catholic University also provides international scholarships for students commencing undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The scholarships are awarded based on academic merit. Applying for ACU requires proficiency in English test including TOEFL, PTE, or ACU English Language Test. Also, Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) is accepted.

Australian National University

Location: Canberra

Australian National University is ranked in 24th position by QS World University Ranking 2019 and is the top University in Australia. Furthermore, Australia National University is distinguished by an outstanding record for student satisfaction and graduate employability. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs including engineering and computer science, law, medicine, biology and environment, physical and mathematical sciences, arts and social sciences and business and economics. However, the tuition fee is expensive in Australian National University. Albeit, it provides scholarship to international students at all level of study. Applying for Australian National University requires taking English proficiency test including TOEFL PBT, TOEFL iBT, or Cambridge CAE Advanced (Post 2015). Also, it accepts PTE Academic is accepted.

University of Adelaide

Location: Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is ranked in 114th position by QS World University Ranking.  The University of Adelaide is a world-class research and teaching institution, centered on discovering new knowledge, pursuing innovation and preparing educated leaders of tomorrow. Moreover, the university provides a large number of programs for undergraduate as well as graduated studies. The average tuition fee is a little less than the Australian National University. Furthermore, University of Adelaide also provides international scholarships for students pursuing post graduate and doctorial degree. Applying for the University of Adelaide requires English Proficiency test including TOFEL, PTE or CAE.

Curtin University

Location: Bentley

The QS World University ranking puts Curtin University at 250th position in the world. The Curtin University is named after the 14th Australian Prime Minister, John Curtin and is one of the largest universities in Western Australia. Moreover, the university offers a large number of programs for national as well as international students pursuing their undergraduate as well as higher level of studies. However, the tuition fee is slightly cheaper than the University of Adelaide. Furthermore, Curtin University provides International scholarships to students pursuing post graduate and doctorial degree. Applying for Curtin University requires taking English proficiency test including TOFEL, PTE, CAE or CPE.

Deakin University

Location: Melbourne, Geelong, Warrnambool

QS World University ranking puts Deakin University at 309th position in the world. Known for its high quality education, excellent employment prospects Deakin University offers a large number of programs for its undergraduate as well as post graduate studies. Further, the tuition fee is comparatively cheaper than Curtin University. Moreover, Deakin University also provides International scholarship for students pursuing studies in undergraduate and post-graduate programs. Applying for Deakin University requires taking English proficiency test including PTE or TOFEL.

La Trobe University

Location:  Melbourne

Ranked at 397th position by QS World University Ranking, La Trobe University focuses on high quality learning, teaching and student experience. With its vast range of program ranging from Arts, Biology and Biomedical Sciences, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Science La Trobe University provides high quality education for student pursuing all level of studies. Further, the average tuition fee is cheaper compared to Australian National University. Moreover, La Trobe University also provides International scholarships to high-achieving students from outside Australia or New Zealand who are enrolled on any taught undergraduate or postgraduate program. However, the Scholarship lasts a maximum of two semesters. Applying for La Trobe University requires taking English proficiency test including TOEFL, PTE, CPE or CAE.

Flinders University

Location: Adelaide

Flinders University ranks 478th position in the world by QS World University Ranking. Named after the famous navigator Matthew Flinders, Flinders University has kept its long-standing commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for all and a proud record of community engagement. Flinders offers a wide array of undergraduate degrees. Depending on their interest, undergraduate students can take degrees which are related to study areas such as education, humanities and law, science and engineering, social and behavioral sciences and medicine, nursing and health sciences. Further, Flinders University provides the cheapest tuition fee of merely AUD 25000. Also, Flinders University provides International scholarships to students pursuing postgraduate as well as doctorial degree in various programs offered by the university. Applying for the university requires taking English Proficiency test including TOEFL iBT, Pearson PTE Academic or Cambridge English: Advanced CAE


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