Application essay is an important part of college admission. Essay is what colleges refer to know you deeper than that reflected by your GPA and test scores. For admission in good colleges, your essay should be compelling, convincing, and of the type that can stand out among thousands of essays.  

As a part of our project, we provide support to students who want to apply for undergraduate study in the US in the essay-drafting process. We provide the service of refining essays for the students applying to a college in the US. We support the applicants in developing their initially written piece of college application into a piece ready to be submitted to the college. Our experts in college essays will be working closely with applicants in refining their essays. Our essay experts are writers and editors who have years of experience in the field.

Someone might ask, “What does refine mean in this case?” When we say refine college essays, we mean that we make a raw essay piece by an applicant into a shaped and ready to be submitted college essay. Refining will include grammatical and mechanical correction, review and correction of logic and senses in the essay, and more importantly redesigning the essay in each and every way to be liked by the admissions officer in a college.

If you are strong in GPA, extracurricular activities, test scores, but weak in the part of essays, you are less likely to be accepted by a university. So essay is not just a place to fuss about. It is the platform for you to express yourself as a candidate who deserves to be in that college. Our experts, who are known about the student and college psychology, will help you shape your essay into the one that fits the college’s perceptions.

Our essay refinement process is carried out by the experts in very close cooperation with the students since the essay is the portrayal of the student’s character.

We will be launching this service from 1st March 2019. Stay connected