“ A proper mentor can help you reach the height of success you never dreamt of.”

College Applications can be really tedious: SAT/ACT, essays, recommendations, different forms and a lot of thinking. If you do it all on your own, once in the process, you might even end up asking, “Why on earth do they require all these? Can’t they just look at my grades, scores, and achievements?” But these ‘quantities’ might not show what you actually are. You might have been disadvantaged than another applicant in some way or there might have been some special circumstance in your case, so the colleges need to assess your background and all the details, besides your grades and scores. Moreover, how you present your application also has a great impact on how the admissions officer perceives it, which can be a determining factor on you being accepted or rejected in your dream university.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you navigate through your application process. Our mentors, with years of experience in admissions and applications, will help you get the best picture of you in your applications along with a holistic application oversight. We provide you a tailored application guidance so that the admissions officer can see the real you and your real potential, thus helping you reach your potential. Our tested strategy will help you get through to your top-choice university without having to take unnecessary stresses, thus saving your time while also reaching your goal.

We will be launching this service from 1st March 2019. Stay connected