study in UK without IELTS

Generally, IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the first step you need to take to ignite your process of study in English speaking country. Moreover, it is the test of your English language proficiency. The main aim of IELTS is to make sure that you have enough English language skills to study and live in English language country. To some extent it is not best idea but still you can study in United Kingdom without IELTS.

Similarly, IELTS score is equally important weapon to claim admission and scholarship in universities. Also, universities in UK has set IELTS requirement in terms of international admissions of students non-English background. However, there are some UK universities who care less about IELTS tests of an international student. That means you can apply or initiate your application process without being worried about IELTS exam and scores. But, you might be directed and subjected to follow another alternative to test your English language level. Here, are the names of UK universities that you can apply despite of lacking IELTS score

Basically, there will be always an alternative to test your language proficiency in this case. You can avoid the IELTS requirements if you have impressive marks of not less than 65% in your high school or last academics. Similarly, university might organize an online interview to see your English language capability. On the other, you are required to sit or some exams or tests of English language in some cases.

Moreover, you need your IELTS score or English language proficiency evidence during your visa processing as well. Department of Immigration will undergo the check of your ability to study and live in United Kingdom, this is compulsory process. For this, you must present evidence of your qualifications. In this case, you have to ask statement evidence or supporting documents from your education provider.


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