study in Scotland

Study in Scotland, United Kingdom.

About Scotland

Scotland is the small country in the northern part of the United Kingdom.  Scotland is one of the beautiful and vital members of the United Kingdom with more than 790 islands. And Scotland has a population of around 5.5 million people and where Edinburg the capital city of Scotland. Scotland is famous for its historic heritage It has a population of around 5.5 million people and where Edinburg is considered as the capital city of Scotland. Scotland is famous for its historic heritage, beautiful landscapes, strong education, and sports. On the other hand, Scotland is one of the safest countries to live and travel. Scotland collects revenue of £3.7 billion annually from the tourism industry and similarly, more than £160 million is generated from the tuition cost of international students.

Universities in Scotland

Generally, Scottish Education system is similar as of England. In overall, there are fifteen universities in Scotland which are globally recognized and famed for their quality education and research. Scotland is home to University of St Andrews, University of Glasgow, University of Aberdeen and University of Edinburg which are one of oldest universities in United Kingdom. On the other hand, they are equally valued and popular for their achievements in researches and graduation success. Besides these universities, Scotland manages globally reputed universities like University of Dundee, University of Stirling, Robert Gordon University, Heroit-watt University, and so on.

Tuition fee and cost of living

Cost of living in Scotland is amazingly lower than London and other major parts of United Kingdom. Glasgow, the biggest city of Scotland is often counted as one of the best student city for students. Similarly, Aberdeen and Edinburg are also on the list of most affordable cities of United Kingdom. The average tuition costs for Scottish universities are around £12,000 for international students. Similarly, the annual average cost of living on Scotland is around £18,000 per person.

Culture and lifestyle

Scotland is very wealthy when it comes to culture and heritages. Famous for its historic monuments, museums and castles, Scotland also enjoys modern happy culture of music, dance and theatre. Similarly, Scotland is no different than England when it comes to lifestyle. Also, Scotland believes in harmony and diversity. There are thousands and immigrants and foreign residents living in Scotland and they all enjoy the peace, freedom and unity.

Leisure and Entertainment

Scotland offers you great outdoor activities and adventures. Additionally, Scotland is the happy land of outrageous things to be happy. Landscapes, Islands, mountains and hills add excitement in your life. Similarly, rocking live music, opera houses, theatres, bars, fun parks, etc has much more to offer you. Museums, art galleries, historic castles, and monuments will never let you feel bored in Scotland.


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