Study And Live For Free With Hungarian University Scholarships

Apply for the scholarship for Food safety and quality engineering at the Hungarian University Scholarships of Agriculture and Life Sciences!

Benefits from Hungarian University Scholarships

The scholarship will cover:

  • application and tuition fees throughout the study period with basic books and notes
  • dormitory accommodation
  • subsistence costs
  • Also, health insurance

All of the above-mentioned costs are financed by the Hungarian Government, according to the Agreement between FAO and Hungary in 2007.

The scholarship covers student costs only. However, family members are not supported within the frame of this program.

List of eligible countries

Residents (who must be nationals) of the following countries are eligible to apply for the Scholarship Programme:

Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo1, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Madagascar, Mali, Myanmar, Republic of Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Namibia, Nigeria, North Korea, State of Palestine, the Philippines, Republic of Cabo Verde, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Yemen.

Application and selection process

Student selection will take place in two phases:

Phase 1

FAO will pre-screen candidates and submit applications to the Ministry of Agriculture of Hungary that will send them to the corresponding University as chosen by the applicants.

Phase 2

The participating University will run a further selection process and inform each of the successful candidates. Only the university will select the students, without any involvement on the part of FAO. Selected students will also be notified by the Ministry.

Eligibility Required for Hungarian University Scholarships

  • Citizenship and residency of one of the eligible countries
  • Excellent school achievements
  • English language proficiency (for courses taught in English)
  • Also, has the motivation
  • Good health
  • Moreover, the candidate should be under 30.

Further details

Lastly, It is important to visit the official website link found here to access the application form.

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