Study And Live For Free With Mundus Scholarships

Full Erasmus Mundus scholarships are now available for students from all nationalities! Each year an average of 20 of the top applicants are selected for these scholarships. 

What’s Included in the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships?

The scholarships cover your tuition fee, monthly allowance, and a contribution for travel and installation costs during the program.

For National of Program Country

  • Participation cost: € 4500 per year
  • travel and installation costs: € 1000 per year
  • subsistence costs: € 1000 per month

For National of a Partner Country

  • Participation cost: € 9000 per year
  • travel and installation costs whose location is at the distance of less than 4.000 km from the Ghent:€ 3000 per year
  • travel and installation costs whose location is at the distance of 4.000 km or more from the Ghent: € 4000 per year
  • subsistence costs: € 1000 per month

Scholarship Selection

Scholarships are for a selection of top-ranked candidates every year. The ranking is based on the following criteria based on the submission of the student during the application process:

  • Firstly, Prior degree relevance and level
  • Secondly, Academic pre-requisites
  • Thirdly, Academic scores of prior degrees
  • Reference letters
  • Motivation
  • Hypothetical thesis proposal

The final selection will be during the IMRD selection committee meeting at the end of March or early April. The committee will select students for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship based on their ranking, student motivation, work experience, gender equality, and choice of IMRD focus area.

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