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Apply for the 2022 Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) ULAM Scholarships Programme. The main aim of the Programme is to increase the internationalization of Polish High Education and scientific institutions. Selected participants to the programme will spend 6 to 24 months with full funding, conducting research at Polish Institutions.

Applicants for the programme are usually foreign scientists of any age, who have successfully completed at least a doctoral degree. This programme gives them the opportunity to visit Poland and strengthen their scientific potential as well as that of Polish entities, participating various scientific activities including research projects and didactics.

The Programme provides financing for a Scholarship that covers the living allowance for a foreign scientist in during their scientific visit in Poland, that may last from 6 to 24 months. Applicants must hold a Doctoral Degree and / or currently employed at a foreign HEI or a foreign scientific/research center

Benefits from Academic Exchange ULAM Scholarships

If you apply and get selected for this scholarship, you will be eligible for the following benefits

  • You will receive a living allowance worth PLN 10,000 monthly for each full month of stay of the Fellow at the Host institution.
  • An extra amount of PLN 2,000 per month will be granted in case you travel with your spouse to Poland for the programme
  • The programme will also grant you an extra PLN 1,000 per month for each underage child you travel with for your stay in Poland.
  • You will receive an extra PLN 5,000, if you decide to participation in a Polish language course.
  • Fellows will receive a one-off mobility allowance worth PLN 7,000 for applicants from European countries with an additional PLN 2,000 for each person, spouse or underage child accompanying the Fellow
  • Applicants from Non-European Countries will receive a one-off mobility allowance worth PLN 12,000 with an additional PLN 5,000 for each person, spouse or underage child accompanying the Fellow.

Eligibility for Academic Exchange ULAM Scholarships

  • Applicants from both no-EU and EU countries are welcome to apply for the programme
  • You must be an individual scientist who holds a doctoral degree awarded in a country other than Poland,
  • Applicants must primarily be non Polish Citizens if they are to be considered for the programme.
  • Polish citizens working permanently abroad may apply for the programme. However the quota allocated as part of the total number of fellows must not exceed 10%.
  • You must be applying to carry out your research in any scientific fields .
  • You must not have studied or worked in Poland within 3 years before the date of deadline of the programme application.

Application of Academic Exchange ULAM Scholarships

Interested applicants must first apply for a Fellowship / Research position at a Polish Institution to cover a duration of 6 to 24 months in any Scientific field. Yu must request an invitation letter, as this will be required when applying for the scholarship

Your scholarship application will be submitted online using the profilded application portal. You wull need the following documents to complete your application

  • A scientific resume of the Applicant according to the application form.
  • Scans of the doctoral diplomas and certificates as proof that you have attained a doctoral degree. Include official translations in English in case the originals are not issued in English or Polish.
  • You must include Scans of three required achievements in the form of attached PDF documents. Please see the list of required achievements on that programme website
  • You must include proof of employment at a foreign HEI. Or a foreign scientific/research center issued by the human resources department
  • Include a copy of invitation from the Host institution in Poland where you intend to carry out your fellowship

Lastly, It is important to visit the official website link found here to access the application form.

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