Study And Live For Free With Aalto University Scholarships

Applications are open for Aalto University Scholarships in Finland for the academic year 2022. At the moment, admission scholarships are open to all non-EU/EEA students from different ethnicities to pursue bachelor’s degree programs to enhance their skills with several projects and innovative technology training.

The Alto University comprises of approx. twelve thousand students, 400 professors, and around 4000 faculty members and community. Furthermore, it has six schools that are open and welcoming all international students who want to study at one of the best international universities.

Also, the number of international scholarships in Europe is limited and depends on the number of students selected from non-EU/EEA admissions per degree program. The fields and subjects vary from levels of learning such as bachelors, masters and doctoral program:

  • Art and Design
  • Business and Economics
  • Technology and Engineering

Benefits From Aalto University Scholarships 

Aalto University Scholarships will provide the following benefits:

  • The scholarship will cover 50% (Category B) or 100% (Category A) of the tuition fee.
  • Students should cover their expenses from their financial sources that are 800 Euro per month.
  • Finland Scholarship covers 100% tuition fees and 5000€ for the first year of relocation and other costs of the year.
  • 5000€ gets transfer to a Finnish bank account for the student who arrives in Finland and register to attend the university.

Eligibility Required for Aalto University Scholarships 

Here are the eligibility criteria for the Aalto University scholarships in Europe:

  • Firstly, Applicants must be non-EU/EEA students.
  • Secondly, the scholarship is merit-based and the Applicants with excellent academic records will get the award.
  • Thirdly, Applicants must meet the admission requirement and the requirement of a selected field of study.
  • Additionally, Applicants must cover the living and accommodation expenses by themselves.
  • Lastly, They must follow the regulations of the institute.

Application Process of Aalto University Scholarships 

  • The application process is online. Students can apply for the scholarship at the same time as university admission.
  • Applicants will not be able to apply for the scholarship once the application process has ended, so make sure to apply for the scholarship with the admission application.

Lastly, It is important to visit the official website link found here to access the application form.

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