on-campus employment for international students in USA

On-campus jobs refer to the jobs or paid volunteership inside the university premises. Most of the international students engage in some kinds of on-campus employment in United States during their university time. Some of the popular on-campus jobs for international students in US universities are

1. Library Assistant

In general, duty of library assistant includes supervising and managing the library sites. Library Assistant is one of the most popular as well as easier job for university students. Library is usually peaceful and silent place and you can finish your readings or assessments while working. On the other hand, this job will keep you around with lots of books, articles and resources.

2. Administration Assistant

Universities manage the huge mass of students in hundreds of degree programs. And there are always stacks of things to do on a daily basis. So, university hires many students to get help in administrative tasks. Making phone call, filing papers, responding emails and enquires, etc are the possible duties of Administration Assistant.

3. Teaching Assistant

Majority of institutions in the US hire undergraduates and graduates to help a teacher with teaching and tutoring. You are likely to be a master in your chosen major discipline to work as a teaching assistant at the university. Generally, Assisting and guiding juniors, helping teachers with managing tasks, etc are duties of teaching assistant but not limited to only those. In some rare cases, assistant teachers are required to conducts seminars and sessions.

4. Campus Tour Guide

Universities in USA are usually big and spread into hundreds of hectors with multiple buildings respect to each faculties and operations. However, Campus tour guide will be responsible for guiding students and visitors who fresher in universities. Basically, you need to be very energetic, extrovert and friendly to fit in this job.

5. Barista and Cashier

Moreover, every university has canteen and cafeteria. In addition to that, there will be more coffee shops, eatery and restaurants inside the university surroundings. Working as Barista and Cashier in university canteen or shops inside the university premises is one of the frequent and easiest on-campus employments for university students. Furthermore, there are more job opportunities in university shops and diners. For example, Server, front of house staff, retail assistant, etc.


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