On-campus jobs for international students in United States

About On-campus employment

On-campus employment is the opportunity for international students to gain work experience in United States of America plus it is chance to explore US working environment. Thousands of International students are employed by universities in different sectors of their operation. On-campus employment means the jobs and paid volunteering within the university premises. On campus employment includes jobs like teaching and research assistants within the university networks, they can either be in libraries, laboratories, dormitory, kitchens, and other areas of the universities. In addition to this, jobs in the cafes, restaurants, shops and other stores associated with universities are also examples of on-campus employment.

Terms and conditions for on-campus job

i. To be eligible for on-campus employment, you must be full time student enrolled in any course offered by university

ii. You must have permission from International Scholars and Students Office (ISSO) to work

iii. Working hours of international students are limited to twenty hours per week and cannot work more than 20 hours

iv. During university holiday and semester break, you can work fulltime

v. You cannot work on-campus after your course program ends

vi. You must fulfill all the tax formalities of United States

Benefits of On-campus employment

i. It might be an opportunity for you to earn some extra dollars for your pocket

ii. Working and interacting with new people will improve your language as well as communication skills

iii. Similarly, it makes you confident and enhances your problem solving skills

iv. It might be helpful to you because it helps you to make new friends and public relations

v. it develops your interpersonal and problem-solving skills. On the other hand, you might learn some professional and industrial skills for future.

vi. References and a Recommendation letter from the On-campus employments help you to find jobs in the future.


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