International Merit Scholarship at University of Canberra

International Merit Scholarship at University of Canberra is another scholarship opportunity for international students who want to pursue higher education in Australia.

About University of Canberra

University of Canberra is Australian public university in Bruce, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. It manages thousand of domestic as well as international students in more than 30 fields of study. In general,The academic departments in University of Canberra have divided into three schools: Business, Law and Information Sciences, Communication and Education and Health, Design and Science. In overall, University of Canberra is one of the most successful universities in Australia in terms of graduate success rate and graduate employment statistics. Thousands of international students from different nationalities have enrolled in various degree programs at University of Canberra. The annual tuition fees are $24,500 for business courses, $23,740 for Arts/Education, and $21,610 for Engineering/Science.

International Merit Scholarship

International Merit Scholarship is an academic merit-based scholarship offered to international students commencing bachelors or master’s degree at University of Canberra. Basically, International Merit scholarship is offered to both onshore and offshore students enrolled in University of Canberra. And this scholarship covers 10% of tuition fee of international students.


You must comply with the following things in order to be eligible for International Merit Scholarship at University of Canberra

i. Firstly, you must be an international citizen other than the citizen of Australia or New Zealand.

ii. Secondly, You must be commencing study in any bachelor or masters program at University of Canberra. At the time, you must be intending to enroll in full-time study.

iii. In addition to that, You must have achieved at least 70% marks or GPA 5 out of 7 in your previous study.

iv. And, you should not previously hold any scholarships or awards which covers your tuition cost.

Application process and Deadline

You are not required to do anything to apply for this scholarship because scholarship council will automatically assess you for scholarship. But you must have submitted a complete course application to study at University of Canberra. Similarly, there is no deadline for this scholarship because i does not have any separate process.

Please refer to official website of university for more details.


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