Harvard Nieman-Berkman Klein Fellowship in Journalism 2020

The Nieman-Berkman Klein Fellowship in Journalism Innovation brings individuals to Harvard University to work on a specific course of research or a specific project relating to journalism innovation. The fellowship is a collaboration between the Nieman Foundation for Journalism and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard. Both organizations share a set of common interests around journalism, innovation, and the evolution of the digital space, and both have longstanding fellowship programs that offer a year of learning and collaboration with others in the Harvard community.

Proposals from Nieman-Berkman Klein Fellowship candidates may deal with any issue relating to journalism’s digital transformation. Examples include ideas for new revenue streams to fund journalism, the construction of new tools for reporting, or research into news consumption patterns. Candidates must explain how their proposals will benefit journalism.

Eligibility for the Harvard Nieman-Berkman Klein Fellowship

The Nieman-Berkman Klein Fellowship at Harvard is open to both U.S. and international applicants. Candidates should either be working journalists or work for a news organization in a business, technology, or leadership capacity. Freelance journalists are welcome to apply.

All Nieman Fellowship applicants must complete an online application form. Candidates for academic-year fellowships must submit the following information as part of their package: two essays; a professional profile and study plan summary; work samples and three letters of recommendation. Moreover, for Nieman-Berkman Klein Fellowship application candidates must also submit a project proposal.

Candidates who want to apply for the 2020-2021 Nieman-Berkman Klein Fellowships should complete either the international fellowship application or the U.S. fellowship application and indicate interest in being considered for the Nieman-Berkman Klein program in the appropriate section.

How to apply for the Harvard Nieman-Berkman Klein Fellowship

Applications for the Harvard Nieman-Berkman Klein Fellowship in Journalism is an online process. Along with the application, all fellows must also submit the following documentation.

  • All fellowship candidates must submit two essays: a personal statement and a proposal for study at Harvard
  • Candidates applying for the fellowship should also explain how their proposed projects or course of research could have an impact on the broader world of journalism.
  • Further, the candidates must send two summaries, each professional profile and a study plan.
  • Likewise, fellowship candidates also must submit samples of their previous work. Candidates can include the samples in the online application or via file uploads or URL
  • Also, the candidates must provide three confidential letters of recommendation. Recommendations should be written by:
    • Two professional associates familiar with your work who can comment on your journalistic abilities and potential for growth and leadership (e.g., current or former colleagues, mentors/advisors).
    • An immediate supervisor with an appraisal of your qualifications. (Freelancers: This may be someone who has recently worked with you in a supervisory capacity.)


International journalists must apply for the Harvard Nieman-Berkman Klein Fellowship in Journalism before 1 December 2019. However, the deadline for the U.S. journalists (U.S. citizens) is 31 January 2020


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