Getting a Student Visa to Study in the US

Are you planning to study in the US? If yes, you may be wondering about how to get there. It takes time and effort first of all. The steps can be summarized as looking for colleges, applying to them, getting accepted for admission, applying for a student visa, and getting accepted for a student visa. Visa is a deciding part of the abroad study. All your efforts for studying in the US do not matter unless you get a visa for the US. Here are the simple steps for getting a student visa to study in the US.

Submit an application for the visa

For undergraduate and graduate studies in the US, you will need an “F” student visa. If you are applying to a university in the US, visit the American Embassy in your home country to submit the application for a category F-1 student visa. You can also apply for a study permit online.

Practice English on a daily basis

This will help you communicate with the officers in the embassy or consulate. This will also be helpful in your future studies. There are many ways you can practice, for example by watching American TV shows, listening and translating your favorite music songs, reading books in English, and many others.

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Be prepared with your documents

This is one of the most important steps in your preparation for the interview. During the visa interview, you must present enough evidence for you to get a visa. Some of the documents you must present include: your visa application, university acceptance letter, I-20 form as well as evidence that you have enough money to support yourself as explained by the I-20. You can also include guarantors, like your parents, who will help you support yourself while you are abroad.

Prepare an explanation

It is important to prepare an explanation for some of the most common visa interview questions. Common questions can include: why you want to go to the university you chose, what you are going to study, what your career goal is after you graduate, and others similar to these. However, there are no sure questions. The questions may vary from person to person. Still, it is safer to prepare and revise on basics.

Talk about ties to your home country

The officers at the embassy or consulate will often ask about the ties to your home country through various possible questions. This is done to make sure that you have enough things that hold you back and that you will eventually come back to your home country. Typically these include your job or business, family, the property you may own, or anything else you can think of.

Talk to your family

If you have a spouse or children, make sure to mention them and explain how they will be supported while you are abroad.

Be clear that you will return home after graduation

This is important, so make sure to reiterate this point and illustrate a few examples that you are planning on coming back to your home country after graduating.

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 Be coherent

Study all your documents thoroughly. Recall your college essays, because, in both college essays and visa interview, you need to prove yourself eligible for a place. Recall the way you have related things to present yourself as a fit candidate for the college. Make sure what you will speak when you are asked about your plans. In short, be coherent.


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