5 Ways To Boost Your College Application

If you are currently in the final year of your high school or a high school graduate planning to apply to your dream colleges, then, there must be various things troubling you right now. It is definitely tough to prepare a college application and even tougher to make your college application strong. Similarly, you might be wondering about the ways to boost your college application. And if you are, here is the list of 5 ways to boost your college application.

1. Achieve Good Grades In Your Exams

While your grades are not the only factor that affects your college application, it is definitely one of the most important ones. Your grade grades show how serious you are towards your studies and how well you have understood the subject.

Academic prowess is one of the important qualities admissions officers look for. Your good grades look good on paper and certainly look good on your college application.

2. Ace the Standardized Tests

It is important to know that standardized tests like the SAT and ACT are aptitude test that measures your intellectual ability. The questions in these tests are based on logical reasoning and interpretation. These tests are very different than the tests you have given in your schools and way to answer it is also completely different.

Your scores on standardized tests could also be one of the important determining factors in your college application. So, start early and allocate some time to practice a few questions daily so that you can ace the standardized tests.

3. Involve in extracurricular activities

Like I have mentioned earlier, your grades are not the only determining factor in your college application. You are more than your grades and admissions officers would like to know the activities that interest you.

Your activities throughout your school or high school years gives a clear idea about who you really are behind the mask of your grades and scores. So, involve in the things you are passionate about and mention them in your college application.

4. Write Exceptional Personal Essay

While applying to colleges, they require you to write a personal essay. This essay could be about anything but it has to be about something that means something to you. It could be about the happiest moment in your life or about the time you learned the greatest lesson.

The main idea of submitting a personal essay is to give a deeper idea to admissions officers of yourself. Everybody has a story to tell and you do too. So, you should never copy or plagiarise any other essay because this is your story and you are the author. Also, it is important that always be real and natural.

5. Great Recommendation Letter

A good recommendation letter from your teacher can play a huge role in your college application. This is also a very important part of your college application. Recommendation letters show how your peers and teachers perceive you as a person.

A good recommendation letter includes your academic progress, personality, attitude towards learning, relation with your classmates and teachers, activities in high school, future plans or any type of shortcomings or improvements that you need to make. And, just like your personal essay, your recommendation letter also needs to be honest and natural.

So, these are the 5 common ways the students can boost their college application while applying to US universities. May you put your maximum effort into your application and get into your desired college. Best of Luck !!


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