International Postgraduate Research Scholarship at Victoria University

There are several scholarship and bursaries offered at Victoria University. Likewise, Postgraduate research Scholarship is the scholarship program for international graduates to start their postgraduate research and study at Victoria University.

About Victoria University

Victoria University is the Australian public university in Melbourne, Australia. Victoria University is reputed on providing both forms of tertiary education to students in Australia because it offers higher degree education as well as Technical and Further Education (TAFE). The University operates six campuses in major parts of Melbourne and in Sydney. In addition to that, it manages six research institutions, seven research centers and a Polytechnic that provides vocational education and training. As in, Victoria University has also partnered with different institutions in Asia. This University offers a wide range of degree programs in its seven academic departments – Arts, Business, Education, Engineering and Science, Health and Biomedicine, Law and Justice, and Sport and Exercise Science.

The annual undergraduate tuition fees are $23,600 for business courses, $20,400 for Arts/Education, and $26,400 for Engineering/Science.

Postgraduate Research Scholarship at Victoria University

International Postgraduate Research Scholarship is the scholarship program for graduates who wish to participate in a postgraduate research program in Australia. But you must have very strong and impressive academic achievements to get into this funded research program. On the other hand, the competition will be extremely tough and you should be best out of all candidates in order to be receipt of this scholarship. You will be awarded by $27,600 if you became successful receipt of scholarship.


You must fulfill the following criteria if you want to apply for International Postgraduate Research Scholarship at Victoria University

1. Firstly, you must be a graduate student wishing to start postgraduate research in Australia.

2 Simultanoeously, you must have excellent performance in your previous course of study.

3. Similarly, you need to pass an English language test and also meet some other requirements to enter Victoria University.

Please visit the official website of the university for more information about application process and important dates.


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