Apply Now | List of PhD Scholarships at Harvard University 2023

List of PhD Scholarships at Harvard University 2023

Harvard University offers a range of PhD scholarships and fellowships to support graduate students in their studies and research. Here are some examples of PhD scholarships and fellowships available at Harvard University:

  1. Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Merit Fellowship: This fellowship provides full tuition and a stipend to support outstanding students in their first year of graduate study.
  2. Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Fellowship: This fellowship provides a stipend to support students in their second year of graduate study.
  3. Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Summer Research Travel Grant: This grant provides funding to cover travel expenses for graduate students to conduct research or present their work at academic conferences.
  4. Harvard Horizons Scholars: This program supports PhD students from underrepresented backgrounds, providing financial support, mentorship, and training to help them succeed in their studies and careers.
  5. Harvard Data Science Initiative (DSI) Graduate Student Fellowships: These fellowships provide funding to support PhD students in the data science field, including tuition, stipend, and research funds.
  6. Harvard University Center for the Environment Graduate Student Research Grants: These grants provide funding for PhD students conducting research related to environmental issues.
  7. Harvard-Yenching Institute Fellowships: These fellowships support PhD students studying Asian studies, providing funding for tuition, stipend, and research expenses.

It’s important to note that the availability of these scholarships and fellowships may vary from year to year and across different PhD programs. Students should consult with their program administrators to learn more about the specific funding opportunities available to them.

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