5 Common Mistakes that Students Make While Applying to US universities

It is a dream for every student to achieve higher education at a prestigious university. Although, those dreams often don’t come true very easily. One has to work very hard to make their dream come true. and, if you are thinking of applying to US universities then you have to work even harder. Every year, thousands of students apply to US Universities but only a few of them get to attend it. Have you ever wondered why? Well, to say it simply, their application wasn’t adequate and they made a lot of mistakes. Here is the list of 5 common mistakes that students make while applying to US universities.

1. Applying to only high-tier universities and not having a Plan B

It is very understandable that many of the students want to attend a highly ranked university. But if you are planning to apply to only high-ranking universities in the US then, think twice.

It is one of the most common mistakes that students make. High-ranking universities have a highly competitive screening process and they select their students after a detailed and thorough selection process. In other words, there is a high chance that you won’t get selected to those high ranking universities and be left with universities.

So, always keep in mind that while you are applying to US universities, make a good mix of all, high-tier, mid-tier, and low tier-colleges. if you do this you will always have an option to attend other universities if not you dream university.

2. Not applying to Potential scholarships

While applying to US universities, many students do not look for individual scholarships. Most of the universities in the US have a list of scholarships that you will only get if you apply for it.

So, always go through the scholarships page of the university you are applying to so that you don’t miss out on the scholarships you are eligible for.

For example, the scholarships could be for the students who are good at sports, arts, music, dance or drama or even leadership activities.

3. Copied or plagiarised Common Application Essay

If you are applying to US universities through Common Application, then it requires you to write a personal essay not exceeding 650 words on any one of the 7 prompts.

Just like the name “Personal Essay” suggests, the whole point of submitting this essay to the universities is to give them the information about yourself. Your essay gives the admissions office an idea of who you really are behind your grades and extra-curricular activities.

This is why using a plagiarised essay is a complete waste and thus decrease your chance of getting into your dream university.

So, always keep in mind, be real, be natural and never copy.

4. Incomplete list of activities

The universities in the US don’t focus only on your grades and SAT scores. They know you are more than your grades so they like to know about the type of activities you were involved in till you high school. The activities could range from pottery to archery, from chess to football and from debate to dancing.

Moreover, the activities you are involved in gives the admission office an idea who you really are beside your grades and who you really are as a person.

Thus, never leave your activities’ list blank and fill it with the activities that you were part of.

5. Using Unnecessary Jargons

Apparently, students believe that if they use complex and sophisticated words in the middle of the sentences, the automatically look good. Well, this is not true at all !!

While filling the college application, whether is your personal essay or the supplement questions of universities, you should always be real and authentic. Do not try to copy imitate others and always be yourself while answering the questions.

Your authenticity is key to your college admission. And, if you think using jargons will make your application attractive then who knows, you might be only diminishing the chance into getting into your dream university.

So, these are the 5 common mistakes the students make while applying to US universities. Now you may have a clear idea of the thing you need to avoid while preparing your college application. May you put your maximum effort into your application and get into your desired college. Best of Luck !!


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