working in australia after completing your studies

If you are worried about leaving Australia right after your graduation then let me say you this that Australia has arrangements for internationals to live and work temporarily even after completing their studies. Australian government has a Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) facilities to every overseas student once they are graduated from Australian high education providers. Another name of this facility is Post Study Work. This visa will allow you to live, study and work in Australia temporarily after you have finished your studies.


In order of being eligible for Post Study Work facility, you must

  1. Hold valid visa to stay in Australia at the time of application
  2. Be below the age of 50
  3.  Have health insurance
  4. Meet health and character requirements
  5. Have graduated from higher education provider in Australia
  6. Not owe any debt to Australian government
  7. Sign the Australian values statement
  8. Have sufficient English language  level

Visa benefits

Moreover, this visa will allow you to

  1. Live and work in Australia temporarily after you finish your studies
  2. Bring your family members with you in Australia
  3. You can travel anywhere and come back to Australia as many times as long as visa is valid

Visa period

Basically, the life of Post Study Work visa depends upon your academic qualifications.

  • If you are holding bachelors or masters degree from Australian education provider then you are likely to get visa up to 2 years
  • Similarly, if you finished your master’s degree by research then you are likely to get 3 years of Post Study Work visa
  • Following, the visa will be 4 years long if you completed your doctoral education in Australia

Visa costs

Generally, the application costs for this visa is AUD 1,535 and there will be some additional expenses of health checkups, police check and biometrics.

Visa processing time

There is no any specific time for visa processing. However, it usually takes up to six months. On the other hand, errors and incomplete application also delay the process.

Please refer to the website of the Department of Home Affairs for more information.


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