The William & Mary Scholars Award is presented each year to a small group of academically distinguished students who have overcome unusual adversity and/or are members of underrepresented groups who would contribute to campus diversity. Many will be the first members of their families to attend college. All applicants are considered for the award, and no separate application is needed. Awards are worth the amount of in-state tuition and fees and are renewable each year as long as the recipient remains in good academic standing.

At the beginning of their first year, we invite all W&M Scholars to participate in WMSURE. This program provides support for Scholars throughout their time at W&M by

  • helping Scholars become involved with research early in their college career
  • introducing Scholars to a network of faculty mentors
  • hosting weekly workshops that focus on topics critical to college success
  • providing Scholars opportunities to meet with other students who have similar concerns
  • communicating about various opportunities through a weekly email
  • helping Scholars find funding to support their personal research projects
  • encouraging and helping with applications to graduate school

Scholars are encouraged, but not required, to participate in any WMSURE activity, at any time during their time at W&M. Non-W&M Scholar students may participate in WMSURE events, but the activities are primarily geared for W&M Scholars. If you are a W&M Scholar and have concerns, questions, or ideas relating to the WMSURE program, please reach out to us or come visit during office hours.

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