Why Study in Australia

Studying abroad is the ultimate dream of today’s students. Among various countries with large numbers of universities, it becomes difficult to choose one. Looking at various aspects of studying in a foreign nation, Australia seems to be the best option for international students.

World Class Academics

Since the main motive of students is gaining education, the ranking and the courses offered at the universities is the principal focus. Australia offers around 22,000 courses at over 1100 institutions. It is home to eight universities which are placed in the top 100 in the latest QS World University Rankings, commended on areas such as academic reputation, employer reputation, and international student ratio. Several universities also featured in the Times Higher Education Rankings and the Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic Ranking of World Universities. The universities in Australia are also reputed for their world-class education and regularly features in global rankings. They are known for their ability to adopt new technologies faster than other countries. Though the country is small, it is home to some of the best research institutions. Top academic programs in science fields, like chemistry, geology, biology, zoology and wildlife, mathematics, and engineering can be found in many of Australia’s 43 major universities, making a study abroad program in Australia a great addition to every student’s education destination list. The institutions in Australia offer a wide variety of courses and degrees. You have a horde of options, so you can choose a course and university fit for yourself which is mostly catered to your needs and interests. There are hundreds of opportunities to study hundreds of different subjects. For a majority of study abroad students, the larger universities will be top choices, and each one will provide just as many courses of study as any major American university.

Cutting out the Expensiveness

Affordability is a major topic of concern for international students. Australia has lower living expenses and tuition fees despite its high living standards. An undergraduate bachelor degree from an Australian university can cost anywhere from A$14,000 to 35,000 a year, while a postgraduate degree can cost from A$15,000 to 36,000 a year. This is much lower compared to the UK or the USA. Also, a number of scholarships are available for students aspiring to study in Australia which further reduces the cost load. Every year the Australian government sets aside over 200 million dollars specifically for international students coming to study at Australian universities. These funds are open to students from all over the world and there are certain requirements for application to some (grade requirements, financial need, etc.) but any student accepted to study abroad in Australia can enquire or apply for it. Also, international students can work part-time while they study, allowing them to lessen their expenses. Students can work up to 40 hours every two weeks during the course duration and unrestricted hours during course breaks. They can find themselves in jobs that require only basic skills, such as in grocery stores, food, and beverage service.

Australian Society and Living Environment

With more and more international students entering Australia every year, it has become a hub for varieties of backgrounds. The diversity of cultural influences in Australia creates a lively and innovative environment. Australia is the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world. It has a vibrant, friendly and culturally diverse communities which are welcoming for international students. Australia has seen at least 200,000 foreign students attend its universities for the past several years. This shows that you can study with students from all over the world and will enjoy many of the comforts of home. It houses some of the world’s top-ranked student-friendly cities. Australians are welcoming and appreciate the diversity that international students bring to their country. Moreover, English being the primary language there, it gets easier for the students to grasp and pursue their studies, understanding it with ease. So, they can easily fit into the community without having a need to learn yet another foreign language. With Australia being a safe, friendly and multicultural society you can be in your comfort zone and make the best of the opportunities offered. You also get a chance to enjoy living in a multicultural society and having friends from over 200 countries around the world.

Enjoy your Leisure Time

Australia has more than just the best universities and student-friendly society. It has a lot more to explore. Australia is a wonderfully diverse country, home to just about every type of landscape — from lush rainforests to vast dry deserts. You can enjoy beautiful white sand beaches or famous landmarks like Sydney’s Opera House. Australia also hosts a number of World Heritage sites, such as Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef and Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in the Northern Territory. It is an incredibly beautiful country with a wide range of scenic and leisure opportunities. Australia can easily provide plenty of opportunities for memorable travel experiences, including activities like bungee jumping and scuba diving, international students may also choose to visit nearby locations as part of their study abroad experience. You can experience just anything when you are in Australia. You will have an opportunity to see rock formations some two billion years in the making in the heart of the Australian Outback or jet up to the Gold Coast to experience some of the world’s best scuba diving and snorkeling along the Great Barrier Reef. Also, you can just visit the world-class museums and art centers, with the crown jewel, the Sydney Opera house, hosting over 40 shows per week. Australia is more welcoming than any other nation offering countless opportunities for relaxing and escaping the academic atmosphere, even if only for a little while. You have plenty of unforgettable experiences and beautiful memories awaiting you in Australia.

After Graduation

You have completed your course. Now what? There is no place for such questions in Australia. The degree you achieved enables you to search for employment opportunities in various renowned sectors. Also, Australia offers a chance to stay in Australia to work once you have graduated, taking advantage of the post-study work visa.


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