Long ago, someone has said that “Out of all possessions, friends are the most previous”. I do not know who was he, how was he, or how did he look like neither I know when he said this or why he did but I reckon he is absolutely true. Friends are the most precious possessions out of all other possession you have or going to ever have. Friends are our strengths, they are our savior and after family they are all other great things that come up. Having someone whom you call friend is galvanizing and content state of your life.

Can you imagine your life without friends? Take a few seconds and think that how the world could be if the dictionary did not have the word ‘Friends’ or what if these things and feeling never existed. The world could be dull and dumb, isn’t it? Here I will tell you the benefits of having friends which will tell you why friends are the most precious possession that you have.

Psychological benefits

Everyone has been neglecting the fact but friends have solution of everything. Whatever the problem is, they make everything alright. And when it comes to psychological, emotional or mental factors, friends will be greatest motivation mentors that we had ever witness in our entire existence. They make us laugh, they make us cry, they make us cherish, they make us feel comfort, and make take us in the emotional and psychological state that we can ever reach on our own.

Social benefits

You will never have to feel worried and scared when you are with friends. They make your surrounding more livable. You can inhale oxygen more properly with friends rather than in isolation. You will feel more engaged and excited. Also, friends provide you sort of safety zone by making you feel that you are not alone in this huge universe. There are always with us even in our misery and despair.

Career benefits

Friends can be a part of your academic and professional growth. Gathering and preparing for exam in a group has made the exam easier and exciting. Studying, helping and encouraging each other is really nice and rousing thing to do. In the same way, friends can help you grow professionally as well. For an example, Imagine you have idea and innovation, your friend has got money. What on earth can be more thriving than two close friends being business partner?

Health Benefits

Strong friendships and bonds serve you physical health as well. A person with good bonding and close friends is likely to have good and healthy physical form. It stimulates your brain and hormones. In addition to that, researches has proved that the person with close friend or strong bonding is likely to have less chances of infirmities like blood pressure, heart disease, and cholesterol.


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