why are you sad with your life?

Sadness is the condition of feeling sad and sorrow. In easy words, sadness refers to the absence of happiness. And the same definition is the main cause of sadness in your life. Yes everyone is sad because they lack the presence of happiness in their life. And people counts and terms happiness in different external factors associated with life. Human Being search happiness in things like position, standard, fashion, adaptation, etc and become sad in any unmatching states.

What are the reasons for your sadness?

So here today, let’s talk about reason of your sadness. Ask yourself why you are sad? I am sad because I failed my semester, my co-worker is sad because he is frustrated with his job. Similarly, my flat-mate is sad because his favorite soccer team has been knocked out from the Champions League and my girlfriend is sad because she hates my best friend. You ask yourself and muster the reasons of your sadness. Like, Are you sad because your parents won’t allow you to party at weekend night? Or you are sad because your friend has got new car but you still ride that machine which is as old as you or what? Whatever it is, just pinpoint it.

Are your problems worth to be sad?

After you have find out the vital thing that is razing you, next step will be evaluating it and its worth. The world is full of about 7.4 billion people and the reason for sadness is different and variable in every head. Some people are sad for deep loss, grief, diseases, demises, and other venerable reasons where there are still millions of mass that are sad and frustrated for tiny things like fight with partner, missed a train, broke a glass, cannot make night out, etc and let me say to you dear if you are among them then you serious need some help. Because worrying and killing your productive time hanging on those pungent thoughts are absolute disgraces to yourself. Life is much longer than you have thought and you have to go long way with your life so stop distracting and discomforting yourself with something stupid like that.


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