Best weekend activities for International students in Sydney

A weekend is a perfect time for the students to escape from the daily lectures, assignments, tutorial and all other hangovers. As a international student in Sydney ,you might be tired and stressed because of your academic and work pressure. So, it is mandatory for you to be refreshed and relax at weekends. Here, we have made a suggestion list of Weekend activities for international students in Sydney

1. Explore the City

And talking about spending weekends in Sydney, there are lots of amusements and excitements always waiting for you and your visits. Sydney is the largest and most populous city of Australia with hundreds of amusements and attractions. You will never regret visiting and exploring the different parts of city. The Opera House, Royal Botanical Garden, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney tower, etc are some of the wonderful place that you must visit if you are living in Sydney.

2. Sunbath

Sydney is the home of beaches. There are more than 100 beaches in Sydney and the number of outdoor swimming pools is also countless. Swimming and sunbathing is one of the best thing to do in weekend if you are around Sydney. Bondi beach, Tamara beach, Redleaf beach, Palm beach, etc are the famous beaches in Sydney.

3. Live music and new food

I reckon there is no one in this universe who hates music, music enlightens your inner soul and help you to get healed. Going to restaurant or bars to enjoy live music is ideal thing to do during weekends. It will refresh and excites you. Similarly, trying new food is also never bad idea during weekends. There are lot of restaurants and bars in CBD area of Sydney that are famous for live music and good continental foods.

4. Barbecue and picnics

Just like any other activities, Barbecue and picnics with friends or with neighbors is wonderful weekend resolution. Gathering, interacting and enjoying in group always is always fun. It will help you making more new friends and relations. Other on other hand, it helps you to reduce the stress related to your studies and work.

5. Meeting with friends

Meeting and interacting with friends and peers is the solution to you if you lack any weekends plan or resolution. Talking and sharing emotions with friend is always worth. Inviting a friend for lunch or visit their place. Likewise, you even plan something exciting for weekend with your friend.


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