Vacancy for Systems Administrator at Irvine Valley College in the USA

Apply for Vacancy for Systems Administrator at Irvine Valley College in the USA. The deadline for this job is 31st August 2021.

Summary Description

Under direction from management staff, serves as the primary administrator of a College’s computer network systems; assures the effective planning, design, evaluation, modification and maintenance of data networks; and performs a variety of high-level and hands-on technical work on wide area data networks, including the design, engineering and operations of Internet and intranet servers.

Knowledge of

  • Administration of data networks (LAN/WAN) in a large, complex organization. 
  • Also, applicable data and network standards and applications. 
  • Server and desktop application software. 
  • Likewise, operational characteristics of Windows and Linux operating systems. 
  • Programming languages and web server software. 
  • Additionally, principles of data back up and disaster recovery. 
  • Principles and practices of basic data communication circuitry. 
  • Furthermore, equipment and materials currently available for new and revised data network installations. 
  • Network server installation and maintenance techniques. 
  • Similarly, use of tools and equipment required for installation, maintenance and testing of data communication circuits and wiring.

Ability to

The incumbent must meet the following for Vacancy for Systems Administrator in the USA:

  • Administer the College’s local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN) including Internet and Intranet servers. 
  • Also, plan and organize large projects requiring the involvement of several departments. 
  • Design or modify a variety of network and electronic systems and equipment. 
  • Likewise, make system-programming changes to network equipment and systems. 
  • Install or repair various computer components and network wiring. 
  • Furthermore, ensure optimum operation and efficiency of student and staff web based services. 
  • Evaluate existing network needs and requests and recommend system design modifications or equipment purchases. 
  • Additionally, analyze technical problems accurately and recommend or take an effective course of action. 
  • Similarly, work independently with minimum of direct supervision. 
  • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing. 
  • Moreover, establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.


Organization:  Irvine Valley College

Deadline: 31st August 2021

Country: USA

City: Irvine, CA

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