USA incorporates 50 states, a federal district, 5 self-governing territories and few islands to be the third largest country in the world map.  United States of America is a very peachy name for everyone and also known as the land of opportunities which hosts the highest number of immigrants and students every year. USA is a country with diversity and one of the nations which do not have any official language. It is one of the strongest countries in the world famous for its strong military base, large industrial networks, the world’s biggest movie industry, scientific achievements, and reputed education institutes. It is regarded as the most honorable and dominant country when it comes to education and scientific research & Technologies which makes it the most picked study destination of all time. There are hundreds of universities in all territories of USA handling millions of students and we have listed five crowning states which are picked by international students overall 50 states.

  • California

Statistics have proved that California is the most selected study destination by international students. In two intakes of the academic year, 2015/2016 California managed 150000 international students in their universities and colleges. Students from all around the world travel California to enroll and study at universities like California State University, University of Southern California, San Francisco State University, The University of California System, etc. California is home of Hollywood movie industry and beautiful cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Oakland.  Amazing livelihood, harmonious culture and thriving infrastructures attract people from all over the world to study and live in California State.

  • New York

New York is underlined as the home of World’s most famous city NYC (New York City) also referred to as “city that never sleeps” and Statue of Liberty.  New York is hosting 115000 international students despite of being geographically very small in comparison with California. New York University of this state is solely taking care of more than 15000 international students which makes it the university with the highest percentage of foreign students. You might not believe but there are more than 50 million books in New York Public Library and that’s very true that more than 800 languages are spoken in this state which is also nicknamed as ‘The Empire State’ and ‘Big Apple’.

  • Texas

Texas is one of the biggest states in USA consisting of deserts, pine forests and Rio Grande River, which shares the border with Mexico. Texas has been serving more than 82000 international students on its universities like the University of Dallas, University of Houston, Texas State University, Texas Tech University, etc.  Austin, Houston, Dallas and Arlington are some of the famous cities with bunch of attraction and entertainments. Texas is the famous option for students who are thinking about their education in USA because of high standard education and living culture.

  • Massachusetts

Regardless of being 7th smallest state of USA, Massachusetts has never failed to amaze us by being 4th favorite state in the eye of international students.  Massachusetts holds a dignity of 1st rank for its outstanding and innovative educational system among all states of USA. Massachusetts is the Land of Harvard University which is known as World’s most influential university and other notable institutions like Boston University, Northeast University, University of Massachusetts and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Being the most appreciated educational system in USA, Massachusetts is proudly providing education to more than 60000 international students.

  • Illinois

Despite of 80% farmlands out of its total area, Illinois is the fifth largest destination regarding a total number of international enrolments.  Illinois is 6th most populated state in USA with one of the largest GDP value among all states of USA. Illinois has more than 50000 international students which one – fifth of them are solely hosted and admitted by University of Illinois at Urbana-campaign where remaining four by five are scattered in universities like Northwestern University, Illinois State University, University of Chicago and many more.  Chicago, Aurora and Springfield are famous and populated city of the state.


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