top 4 community colleges in United States

Community colleges are the higher educational institution that proves two years associate’s degree to students which open the future doors of students to transfer into other institution for bachelor degree programs. Affordable cost and point of workforce education are the two major reasons that numbers of students choose community college. If you are having issues and chaos about choosing community college from the ocean of community colleges then we have a list of top 4 community colleges in the United States.

1. Walla Walla Community College

Walla Walla Community College is multi-campus community college in southeastern Washington. Moreover, with the current enrollment of over 13,000 enrollment, Walla Walla is one of the best community college in United States of America. Walla Walla offers courses in various programs like Academic Transfer Education, Professional/Technical Education, Transitional Studies and Extended Learning. In overall, more than 100 academic programs at Walla Walla are easy transferable to other 4-year institutions or universities. On the other hand, Walla Walla has became the co-winner of Aspen price of Community College Excellence for two consecutive years: 2013 and 2014 respectively.

2. Santa Barbara City College

Santa Barbara City College is a community college based on Santa Barbara, California. It offers two year associate degree programs as well as other certificate courses and transferable programs. Santa Barbara College offers more than 50 certificate programs and over 80 degrees. This 1909 opened community college is currently managing more than 20,000 enrolments. Basically, statistics proves that more than 57% of full-time students in Santa Barbara Community College transfer to four-year program in various state colleges and universities.

3. Saint Paul College

Saint Paul College is two-year community college and technical college established in 1910 at Saint Paul Minnesota. It College currently holds over 10,000 enrollments of students in different courses and associate degree programs. At the same time, this College provides 39 associate degree programs and other 60 certificate level and diploma courses. Following, it is considered as one of the best community colleges for academic transfer in other 4-year institutions. Saint Paul College offers very flexible learning environment like full-time and part-time. In addition to that, it offers online, hybrid and traditional classes.

4. Shoreline Community College

Shoreline Community College is community college in Shoreline, Washington, 10 miles away from downtown of Seattle. ItS offers numerous degrees and over 100 professional, technical, and workforce training degrees and certificates. Shoreline Community College manages more than 15,000 students in its 26 total buildings of campus surrounding. In overall, Shoreline Community college hosts students from over 45 countries and is equally liable when it comes to transferring into four-year institution.


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