Best Business Schools in USA

Top 3 Universities in USA for Business and Management studies are

1. Harvard University

Harvard University is a private Ivy research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This 1636 established university is running with more than 6,700 undergraduates and over 15,250 postgraduate scholars. Harvard ranks at top 1% universities worldwide. In general, Harvard has a crazy list of alumnus as it has already contributed eight presidents in America. Other than US presidents, Harvard has 62 living billionaires, 158 Nobel prices, 108 Olympic medals, and 10 Oscars award in the alumnus cabinet.

Generally, Harvard is considered as the best university of United States in terms of research and business studies. Harvard Business School offers Large MBA programs, doctoral programs and other huge business degrees. Additionally, Harvard University has wide range of HBS online degrees option. Furthermore, there are currently over 2000 students enrolled in Masters and Doctoral program in Harvard University.

Acceptance rate at Harvard Business School: 12%

Average annual tuition fee for international students: $160,000 for full program

Employment graduate rate: 80%

2. University of Chicago

University of Chicago is the private research university in Chicago, Illinois. Established in 1890, University of Chicago is often ranked as top 10 universities in the United States. University of Chicago is currently providing education to more than 18,000 students in different undergraduate and postgraduate level studies. However, University of Chicago Press is the largest University in the United States.

In overall, University of Chicago Booth School of Business has produced second largest number of Nobel laureates in the world, second to University of  Cambridge. In addition to that, it is the second old business school in United States of America. There are more than 18,00 students enrolled in various business degree program in University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Acceptance rate at Harvard Business School: 23%

Average annual tuition fee for international students: $165,000 for full program

Employment graduate rate: 88%

3. University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania is the largest Ivy League private research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Following, It is the sixth oldest university in USA. On the other hand, it is one of the nine colonial colleges in United States. The university has four undergraduate schools which provide a combined 99 undergraduate majors as well as twelve graduate and professional schools. University of Pennsylvania is considered one of the best universities in USA. Similarly, Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania always spots on top 5 business school of US.

At the same time, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania offers numerous business programs to thousands of students enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania. Similarly, Wharton’s MBA program is ranked at No.1 in the United States. Moreover, Wharton school has already produced CEOs of leading companies like Google, LinkedIn, Pepsi, Tesco, etc

Acceptance rate at Wharton School: 19%

Average annual tuition fee for international students: $170,00 for full program

Employment graduate rate: 82%


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