best research universities in USA

USA is one of the central parts of world when it comes to technological development and researches. Likewise, numbers of universities in USA are inclined to research parts as core objective of their operations and running. Today, we have listed top 3 research universities in USA from the large group of US based research universities. Nature Index journals has ranked best research universities in USA by fractional weight count. According to that survey, the top 3 research universities in United States are

1. Harvard University

Harvard University is a private Ivy research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This 1636 established university is running with more than 6,700 undergraduates and over 15,250 postgraduate scholars. Harvard ranks at top 1% universities worldwide. In general, Harvard has a crazy list of alumnus as it has already contributed eight presidents in America. Other than US presidents, Harvard has 62 living billionaires, 158 Nobel prices, 108 Olympic medals, and 10 Oscars award in the alumnus cabinet.

Harvard Students carries researches in almost every academic field and they are funded by more than $800 million every year. Harvard manages 100 research centers and also collaborates with other colleague research institution. It ranks in second place at World Research University ranking, second only to Chinese Academy of Sciences. With the research index of 750, Harvard has topped the chart of research universities in US.

2. Stanford University

Stanford is another American private research university in Stanford, California. It is famous all over the world for its academic strength and world-class research impacts. Stanford University’s alumnus cabinet is also full and strong just like Harvard, University alumnus includes 270 Olympic Medals, 30 living Billionaires, 17 Astronauts, and 83 Nobel prize.

Stanford University ranks second in United States of America with research index of 530. The main thing not to forget about Stanford is that Google evolved from two Ph.D. students of Stanford University. This University has multiple interdisciplinary research institutions. Tt has also collaborates with various research universities and institutions around the US and all over the world.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This university is known for its research and contribution in the physical science and Engineering but MIT is expanding its research operation in the field of Biology, economics, linguistic and management field as well. Likewise, Stanford and Harvard, MIT has produced 93 Nobel laureates, 41 astronauts, 16 Chief scientists in US Air Force, and 58 National Medal of Science recipients.

In overall, MIT has 30 research departments in five schools and dozens of research labs, centers and institutions. In addition to that, MIT has joined many national and international research organizations for researches and cooperative collaboration. The great research outcomes and contribution with Natural index of 480, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the third influential research university in USA.


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