Planning your higher education in UK? Are you demented about choosing a university from stacks of universities? If your answer is yes then I will talk to not to worry and take a chill pill. If you are confused and having trouble to choose a university where you want to enroll then I strongly suggested to research and see many university portals to see the best options. If you are wondering about scholarships and grants then also I suggest you to slow down your heat and take a deep breath because you can find out university of your preference and fitting if you spend some time with your internet connected PC. Here, I will make it easier for you by providing 10 best Universities in the United Kingdom who are presenting most generous and serviceable scholarship programs for foreign students who are willing to study in the United Kingdom.

1. University of Oxford

I personally believe that there are only few students who have never heard about this  world’s second oldest university and the oldest English language university. It is one of the high ranked public university situated at Oxford, England. Oxford has already contributed 27 prime minister in UK and total 69 Nobel prize winner to the world. Oxford consists of 38 associated colleges and has comparatively very few acceptance rate.

Your brain and academic capability should be filled with high and extra ordinary talents to get approval to study in this university that comprises world’s oldest University museum and university press with largest academic library. Oxford is benefactor of  Rhodes Scholarships, one of the oldest scholarship programs in the world and has also been providing many scholarships and welfare to students in order to encourage them and boost talents. We can say that Oxford is the home of scholarships but it is very true that you must possess amazing academic talents to reach there.

2. Cambridge University

Cambridge is just one spot behind from the Oxford university as it is second largest English medium university and world’s fourth oldest university existing till this date based on Cambridge, England. University of Cambridge evolves after scholars from Oxford University lefts Oxford because of argument with townspeople. Cambridge is ranked 3rd among all universities worldwide. Cambridge is also considered as university with very low acceptance rate but generous and princely when it comes to scholarships and grants.

Hundred of researchers and students with amazing talent and educational skills fly to Cambridge to associate with them. It offers huge list of opportunities and scholarships but you have to give tough competitions to all applicants to grab that opportunity,

3. University of Bristol

Ranked at 51 spot among all universities worldwide, this university located at Bristol, England is currently providing education to more than 23000 students from all over the world. Creating innovative environment of learning and giving opportunities of interacting with rich technology and properly managed resources, this university was ranked on 5th on UK .

As like its resources and dynamic education pattern, University of Bristol is equally awesome in terms of scholarships and funding. University is spending £1,000,000 on scholarships to invite and encourage numerous international students and talents in Bristol. University partners with many associations and their business affiliations to fund scholarships and awards from deserving students.

4. University of Kent

Established in 1956, University of kent is public university based in Kent, UK. University of Kent is famous for its learning procedure and education in busy paced complete diverse and multicultural environment. It has been a destination of people from all around the world as university of kent welcomes everyone to study and graduate in their mind-blowing study locations and infrastructures. You might not believe but many international and intercultural festivals like Holi, Thanksgiving, Chinese new year, etc are celebrated with a picture of love and harmony.

University of kent facilitates scholarship programs for course of study including International studies, Music and many more program specific awards. University of Kent has spent more than 11 millions on scholarships and welfare for international students from different parts of world. Scholarships covers full or partial tuition fee of students who are enrolled in University of Kent.

5. Durham University

Durham University is one the oldest university founded by ‘Act of Parliament’ in 1832 at Durham, North East England. This 74th ranked university is currently caring 18000 students enrolled in 26 departments of over 200 courses. Well known for their outstanding research and good graduate employment rate this university welcomes student to interact with their front lined teachers and learn and grow in complete multicultural environment. This, is the reason that more than 30% of students in this university are foreign students.

Durham University has been actively and passionately presenting many scholarships and awards to international students depending on their ability and situations. Some of the scholarships that Durham University is serving are

  • Durham Doctoral Studentships (Human Geography and Physical Geography)
  • Christopher Moyes Memorial Foundation Scholarship (Human Geography and Physical Geography)
  • The British Council Scholarship programme for international study
  • Commonwealth Studentships (Human Geography and Physical Geography)
  • The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships

6.  University College London

This Public research university in London is the third largest University in United Kingdom in terms of number of enrollments. It is the college that holds 29 Nobel prizes in their alumni cabinets. You will get complete materialistic and innovative knowledge from talented lecturers. UCL is the first university in UK to welcome students from any religion, race and profiles.

UCL believes in giving opportunity to grow and has been offering range of scholarships to all future as well as current students who are undertaking any courses in UCL. Please visit their official website and check your eligibility and deadline for more.

7. Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London is major university providing education since 1785 in London and is well known for its role and contribution for establishment of first Medical School in England. This 25th globally ranked university has been granting opportunities to more than 25000 students in five Campuses from over 150 countries to study and explore dear parts of London. It has invested GBP of over 100 million in five years to provide quality education and experiences to all pupils who are part of this university.

Queen Mary University of London is famous for giving generous scholarships which includes Queen Mary bursaries and scholarships and many other external funded scholarships and awards. Please check official website of university to know more about scholarships and deadlines.

8.  University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen is fifth oldest university in UK hosting over 15000 students from 120 countries. It is ranked as one percent of world’s university worldwide. This university is based on Aberdeen, second most affordable city in UK.

University of Aberdeen welcomes you to be part of their outstanding learning environment and encourages you by offering numerous scholarships. Some of the scholarships and awards that University of Aberdeen proudly presents are

i. China Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarships

ii. Aberdeen International Masters Scholarships

iii. International Undergraduate Scholarships

9. University of Southampton

The university of Southampton is ranked among top 100 universities worldwide and spots on top 20 universities in UK. University of Southampton delivers high quality teaching services and facilitates and offers you world class learning and exploring platforms.

This Southampton based university is currently moving with 25000 students of 120 nationalities. University of Southampton is one of best scholarship providers for international students in UK. The scholarship scheme covers partial or full amount of tuition fee and facilitates scholars to rise and shine. Please refer to university website for more information

10. University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham was founded in 1881 as University College Nottingham and it succeed Royal Charter in 1948. This Nottingham homed university welcomes students from all over the world and encourage them with sets of benefits, awards and scholarships along with its beautiful surroundings and effective teachings and technologies.

It has been playing a vital role in positive changes in the life of many students from Europe and all over the world. It even collaborates with external bodies and organization for funding and sponsorship to call positive changes through development and education.


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