Top 10 Least Popular Majors in the USA

While choosing a college degree shouldn’t be entirely a matter of following the money, most students do want to know that their chosen field of study will eventually lead to a paying job. Here is the list of top 10 least popular majors in the USA.

1. Library Science

Library science is an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary field that applies the practices, perspectives, and tools of management in a library. It also handles areas of information technology, education, and other areas to libraries; the collection, organization, preservation, and dissemination of information sources.

2. Educational Psychology

A program that focuses on the application of psychology to the study of the behavior of individuals in the roles of teacher and learner, the nature and effects of learning environments, and the psychological effects of methods, resources, organization and non-school experience on the educational process. Includes instruction in learning theory, human growth and development, research methods, and psychological evaluation.

3. Drama and Theater Arts

A program that focuses on the general study of dramatic works and their performance. Includes instruction in major works of dramatic literature, dramatic styles and types, and the principles of organizing and producing full live or filmed productions.

4. Human Services and Community Organization

An associate’s degree in human services teaches students approaches to serving individuals, families, and groups through public and private agencies and organizations. Students learn to assess the needs of clients and provide care, counseling, education, rehabilitation, treatment, and other services.

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5. Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is a broad branch of psychology that focuses on diagnosing and treating mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Some of the more common disorders that might be treated include learning disabilities, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

6. Composition and Speech

Speech majors learn excellent verbal communication and critical thinking skills that are required in many fields, such as law, public relations, writing, education, business, health, government, sales, and human resources.

7. Visual and Performing Arts

Students who major in this field have a passion for the arts. They are creative and like to provide an audience with visual, auditory, and kinesthetic stimulation. Classes in topics such as drawing, painting, dance, sculpting, acting, foreign language, graphic design, photography and more allow students to develop and improve their skill in the arts.

8. Miscellaneous Fine Arts

Fine arts refers to visual art that is created primarily for beauty and meaning. Examples of fine arts fields are painting, sculpture, drawing, graphics. Recently, many universities are adding theater to their fine arts programs.

9. Cosmetology Services

Cosmetology, the art, and science of caring for and beautifying hair, skin, and nails, is typically a 2-year degree or certificate program available from community and technical colleges and specialized cosmetology schools.

10. Culinary Science

Culinary Science is a program that focuses on the blending of food science and the culinary arts and that prepares individuals to work as research chefs and related research and development positions in the food industry.


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