things to know before going Australia in student visa

Going to Australia on Study visa? Here are some of the things that you need to know before going Australia on student visa

1. Education system is different

Education system of Australia is different than many other countries, so as grading system. Australian universities offer three years of bachelor program. On the other hand, Australian education system has its own style of grading. Higher Distinction (HD), Distinction (D), Credit (C), Pass (P) and Fail (F) are their grading ranks in descending orders.

2. Australia is expensive

Cost of living and tuition costs of Australia are comparatively higher than your country. Nothing is cheap and free in Australia. You might have not known but Sydney and Melbourne often falls on the list of 10 most expensive cities of the world. Similarly, tuition costs of Australian universities are also expensive with an average of about $25,000 per annum.

3. Study conditions

You must go to college and engage in full-time study at any cost. Your student visa might get suspended or cancelled if you did not comply with study conditions. You need to get permission for any kind of exception like semester break, holiday, reducing study load. But you need to have suitable reason like medical condition or anything for it and also, you need evidence to support your circumstances.

4. Working restrictions

As a international student in student visa, you cannot work more than 40 hours a fortnight in Australia. However, you can work full-time without any hour restrictions during recognized holiday and semester breaks. Plus, the minimum hourly wage in Australia is $17.70 per hour. It will be illegal if a employer pays you below that.

5. Culture differences

you are likely to sense the heavy difference in the cultures and way of living. Although Australia is multi-cultural county, they have their own trend of living. In addition to that, Aussie slang and accent will trouble you equally. However, food is very delicious in the restaurant but they might be entirely different than in local eatery of your country.

6. Rules and regulation

Australia is very strict and conscious when it comes to following rules and regulations. Everyone follows the laws and order. Australia has sets of regulations that might confuse you. For an example splitting in public place is illegal, so as making noise after 10 pm, you need to pay fine if you are spotted doing that. Similarly, there are speed cameras in every corner of the road. Apart from these, there are a bunch of sets of rules that you need to know before going there.


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