Things to carry while going abroad to study

You got a visa to study in the USA, wow that’s very nice, Congratulations. Now, what next? You are flying in a week or fortnight, and you need to get done with hell lot of things, like shopping, partying with friends, wondering about what to do or even also wondering about what to carry while going abroad. Well, I cannot really help you suggesting ideas about parties but today here I can definitely give you some valuable tips about things to carry while going abroad to study. Here, goes my suggesting lists

Travel documents

I do not even have to say you about this. No one is really stupid on this earth who does not have the sense to carry their travel documents while they travel. But still, I am reminding you because I care you so much. Carry your passport, visa papers, plane tickets, and all other necessary travel documents safely. Keep such things in your waist bag if possible because you might need them more than once.

Appropriate clothes

Select and pack clothes according to the place where you are going. Research about the weather and seasons of the place where you are leaving for and pack clothes accordingly. For example, if you are going to North or South Dakota then carrying warm clothes and boots are mandatory but you do not really have to pack bundle of jackets if you are flying for California or Virginia. Do research about the climate of that particular state and pack clothes accordingly.

Local Currency

Carry some of the local currency so that you do not have to worry even to buy things by cash. Like most of the shops and stores in abroad has a digital payment system but some stores may not have that service. Fast food and food stalls on streets as well might not have EFTPOS Or who knows your debit card might flop you accidentally. So carrying local currency can save you a lot.


I reckon anyone can hardly exclude electronics from packings. No one will likely to miss these things but still, I am reminding you as I said I care you so much. These are the things most to carry while going abroad to study. Apart from social media and music, they will be very essential for you to study. You need a laptop to submit your assignments, similarly, you need a laptop to code and see learning materials and even to study and look at the blackboard. Carry all the electronics, power bank, chargers and all.


You can find toiletries anywhere and everywhere in the world but I strongly recommend you to carry some if you have a specific brand taste. Who knows you may find your favorites there as well or you might not find it at all. But do not forget that due to security and safety reason, most of the airports won’t allow many kinds of toiletries in the hand luggage. So research and double-check the rules while packing them.


Carrying some medicines for an emergency is never a bad idea. You might have a hard time tracing the chemist shop or pharmacy in a new place. So, it is good to take a smart move by carrying some medicines like pills for headache, back pain reliever, and so on. Be careful while carrying medicines, only carry prescribed medicines with an expiry date not earlier than at least six months of your departure.

Snacks and Local Food

Exposing to a new community and new kitchen may not be exciting for you and you might struggle with the new food of your destiny land. So, it will be better if you carry some dry food and snacks according to your taste. But you need to know that many countries won’t allow carrying certain foods. For example, people are not allowed to carry fruits, dairy products and all while entering Australia.


Pack other things according to your needs and lifestyle. Include something for your easiness. Something like a compass, map of the place, some books and journals might be some additional things you need to carry while going abroad to study. Maybe you can even add your classic rock n roll playlist as well. And yeah, do not forget travel-pillow and your headphone if you are not traveling in business or deluxe class. Sleeping hours in airplane’s chair without a pillow and traveling without headphone at the same time can be really hectic.


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