Ten amazing facts about Sydney

Sydney is the most populous and largest city of Australia as well as Oceania with the population of over 5 million peoples. Sydney is one of the most livable cities in the world and it ranks on 10th in terms of quality of living. In the same way, the city is among the top fifteen most-visited cities in the world, with millions of tourists coming each year. Sydney opera house, Harbour bridge, Manly Beach, etc are some of the famous and attractive landmarks of Sydney to attracts tourists and visitors. Sydney manages many international corporations, business and world class academic institutions to pull visitors and students inside their area. Here, we have listed ten interesting and amazing facts about Sydney


1. So let’s start with an Opera House of Sydney, the designer of Sydney Opera House never saw his amazing art because he never returned to see it after he was forcefully dropped from the project. That’s really sad and emotional

2. Once back in years, Sydney and Melbourne debated to be Capital of Australia. As a result, Canberra was found in 1908 and made capital of Australia.

3. The web spider of Sydney Funnel is one of the most brutal and dangerous creature in the world. It has ability of kill human being in just fifteen minutes. Similarly, it has ability to bite even through gloves and fingernails.

4. Sydney operates the world’s largest and varied fish markets in the Southern Hemisphere, and just a step behind from world’s largest fish market in Tokyo.

5. The total cost of building Sydney Opera house is 102 million Australian Dollars however, it was estimated 7 million initially.

6. Sydney hosts an event called “The Festival of Dangerous Ideas” and in the same way, they have organize “Duck Fashion Show” annually

7. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is 1,149 meters long which makes it the largest steel arch bridge in the whole world.

8. You might not know that Sydney is also called Sin City by many people because of the past and ‘convicts’. The first generations of Sydney were the convicts from England, left at that place as punishments.

9. 1 out every 8 people in Sydney is over 65 years old.

10.  Out of entire population of Sydney, 31.7% of them are born abroad.


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