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Apply for the Radboud University Medical Center Study Scholarship Fund. Radboud University is offering a full scholarship to excellent students applying for the Master’s programs in Biomedical Sciences or Molecular Mechanisms of Disease at Radboud University in the Netherlands. The Radboud University Medical Center Study Fund’s main aim is to provide very promisingly, passionate, and excellent students who lack sufficient financial means to pursue a master’s degree program in Biomedical Sciences and Molecular Mechanisms of Disease, the opportunity to complete one of these master’s program, and possibly enroll in the PhD program afterward.

The fund avails the following scholarships

  • 3 full scholarships each academic year for Master’s programs in Biomedical Sciences, covering tuition fees and living expenses for the whole length of the program.
  • 5 partial stand-alone or combined scholarships for Master’s programs in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease.

Your eligibility for selection and award of this scholarship will highly depend on your interview results during the selection process as well as results from your previous education. Usually, candidates for this scholarship rank among the best 5% of their class.

Benefits from Radboud Study Scholarship Fund

The Radboud University Medical Center Study Scholarship Fund offers 8 scholarships under 2 categories

Full Scholarship

  • The Radboud University Medical Center Study Fund will cover your outstanding tuition fees as well as living expenses.
  • For this academic year, the scholarship amount is worth €13,309, assuming the student also receives RSP.
  • The breakdown of the grant comprises of € 2,209 tuition fees paid directly to Radboud University
  • You will also receive an € 11,100 living expenses stipend paid directly into your account

Partial Scholarship

  • The Radboud University Medical Center Study Fund will you a scholarship amount worth € 6,654.
  • Part of the scholarship goes to contribute to your tuition fees and is worth € 2,209 paid directly to the university.
  • The remaining portion of the scholarship amount to € 4,455 will go towards your living expenses
  • Recipients for this scholarship are eligible and can combine it with the Orange Tulip Scholarships (OTS) and the Radboud Scholarship Programme (RSP)

Eligibility Required for Radboud Study Scholarship Fund

In order to apply, you must full fill the following application conditions:

  • You must be an international student applying for a master’s degree program at Radboud University
  • Applicants must be applying for a master’s program in Biomedical Sciences or Molecular Mechanisms of Disease at Radboud University
  • You must fulfill the admission requirements for a master’s degree of your choice at Radboud university
  • Candidates must demonstrate excellent performance in their previous careers in order to apply for the scholarship
  • In order to have a good chance at receiving the scholarship, you must be among the top 5% of your graduating class in your previous academic career.

Application Details

You will apply for the scholarship at the same time when applying for admission for your preferred master’s program at Radboud University. During your application for admission on the Osiris application platform, you should tick the boxes for the Radboud University Medical Center Study Fund.

Applicants from non-EEA countries who wish to apply for the Radboud University Medical Center Study Fund are mandated to also apply for the Radboud Scholarship Programme (RSP) and to the Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS) if this is applicable for your country.

To be considered for this scholarship program, you will have to submit the following documents.

  • You must submit a motivation letter explaining why you think you deserve to be awarded this scholarship. Explain why you qualify for the scholarship by outlining your academic excellence, achievements. And, match to the MMD or BMS program.
  • Submit proof of academic excellence, showing that you belong to the top 20% of your bachelor’s or previous master’s class
  • Request 2 reference letters of recommendation.

Lastly, It is important to visit the official website link found below to access the application form.

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