Study For Free At Finland With Åbo Akademi University Scholarships

Are you interested in Studying in Finland? Do you have dreams of achieving your Master’s Degree at one of the best institutions in Europe? Are you ready for the Experience of your life living and studying in one of the most student-friendly cities in Finland? Åbo Akademi University Scholarships are awarded every year to students from non-EEA countries for a 2-year masters program at Åbo Akademi University in Finland

With around 4,900 undergraduate students and 650 postgraduate students in their campus towns of Turku and Vaasa, Åbo Akademi University (ÅAU) is one of the best, student-friendly and dedicated and research-driven universities in Finland and Europe as a whole. The University currently offers nine different programs in a number of different fields all this combined with good teacher-student relations, small groups, and good possibilities to get individual support within the studies.

When applying to Åbo Akademi University, you have the opportunity of indicating on your application form if you wish to apply for a scholarship. In the application form, you will be are asked to answer a set of questions related to motivation and future goals. The answers to the questions will be assessed by the scholarship committee who makes the decision on granting the scholarships. Therefore there is no separate application form for the scholarship.

Benefits from Åbo Akademi University Scholarships

Non-EU/EEA Tuition fee-paying students are eligible to apply for scholarship categories covering a part of the whole tuition fee as detailed below.

  • You can apply for a full-tuition Fee Scholarship, covering 100 % of the tuition fee, awarded for 2 years
  • Applicants may also apply for a Tuition Fee Scholarship, covering 50 % of the tuition fee, awarded for 2 years

All these scholarships are granted to up to 30 % of the students who will have been admitted. And, are subject to tuition fees. Students must also have applied for a scholarship along with their application for admission.

Both scholarships are subject to sufficient academic performance in order to be awarded for the second year. Students must therefore complete at least credit units in their first year.

Eligibility Required for Åbo Akademi University Scholarships

  • You must prove sufficient academic performance and meet the admission conditions for into Åbo Akademi University
  • Applicants must meet the program requirements for their preferred program
    • Applicants must meet the academic requirements, i.e. you have a nationally recognized bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited institution of higher education,
    • you must meet the program-specific requirements; i.e. your degree is in a relevant field for the Master’s degree program that you’re applying to
  • you must meet the language requirements for admission to the program of your choice. Accepted language certificates include TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic test, C1 Advanced or C2.

Application Details of Åbo Akademi University Scholarships

You will apply for the scholarship at the time of application for admission to the program of your choice, therefore there is no separate application for the scholarship. Secondly, You will need to submit supporting documents to complete your application. You will have to collect the required enclosures and scan them. At the application stage only scanned enclosures (in color and pdf format) are attached to the online application.

The application process will open from January 5 to January 19, 2022. You must prepare the following documents.

  • An officially certified or legalized copy of the original Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • The officially certified or legalized copy of the relevant Master’s degree certificate in the original language.
  • Applicants applying for the program relevant master’s degree will always need to also enclose their bachelor’s degree certificate.
  • A Translation of original degree certificate(s) in English, Swedish or Finnish.
  • An officially certified or legalized copy of the original transcript of records of all higher education studies completed so far, including present studies, in the original language.
  • Translation of original transcripts of records to English, Swedish, or Finnish.
  • A diploma supplement must be enclosed when available.
  • Proof of language skills in English, please see information about language requirements
  • Copy of passport (information page containing the applicant’s name, date of birth, nationality, and photo)
  • Residence permit (for non-EU/EEA-applicants already residing in Finland or some other EU country on a more permanent basis, both sides needed)
  • Any other enclosure required by the program (please see the program presentations) or relevant for the application.

Lastly, It is important to visit the official website link found here to access the application form.

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