life is hard sometimes, but student life is always confusing

Life of a student is never an easy thing. Hundreds of numbers complications and muddles and living on the surface of it is one of the major drawbacks of abroad study. Each path looks confusing, everything seems complicated when you live alone on your own. In addition to the pressure of study and living, an emotional phase is always there to add impuissant to your life. Also, there will be separate pressure of work and day to day chores. A person often gets lost in these things, suffers from these shapes of life. We all know that life is hard sometimes but student life is very hard and confusing most of the time.

And in many cases, the unenthusiastic exposure to things will lead to more vulnerability, its called depression. And the youths living alone, far from home are the frequent audience of depression. Because it is not very easy to do things neither less complex to manage things. It is never easy to manage things, not even your own life. Managing life is the toughest and challenging management tasks.

You must do things in such a way that will keep you a mile away from depression and depressive thoughts. Organizing and doing things in a systematic way can help a lot. And organizing life always starts with routine, sharp but eager routine. Make a strict routine for going to bed on time, arising early at morning, breakfast on time, study hours, entertainment sessions, etc. Take a break or gap from your daily happenings of confusing student life and do something unique every time. Go hiking with friends, fishing, trekking, or live events every weekend. Even candlelight dinner or a movie date with your loved ones would be good, the main motto here is to try something different and exciting every time.

Similarly, try to maintain the maximum balance between your study and life. They say, student life is the golden life but they didn’t mention that student life is also the stone phase in life. Always full of stress, struggles, and confusion. But things will be far better if you work on it. Things might not get worsed if you are aware. Do not engage in unnecessary unproductive thinking, worry less and try to cheer up every time. Give yourself time, a happy time to enjoy, as well as strict time to be serious with study and stuff. Most of all, never think much and trouble yourself.


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