student student cost of living

Your living cost depends upon where you live and how you live. And, the scenario of student cost of living is not different even in USA. The total living lost varies according to your lifestyle, culture and personal needs. Here, below is the figure of possible expenses in each field which will estimate nearly equal to figure of average student cost of living in United States.

1. Accommodation

Accommodation costs depend upon the place you board and the facilities included in it. You are likely to save few dollars if you live outside the main town as rent outside city will be slightly lower than main center of city. Many student lives in the residential apartment of college or hostel during their first semester of study. In this case, the monthly spending on rents will be around $750 and it will be cheaper if you shift to private accommodation with flat-mate or roommate.

2. Food and Drinks

Similarly, this factor also depends upon your dietary requirements and appetite. However, the average monthly spending on food and drinks are to be around $200 in a month. But this figure excludes uber eats and home delivery orders from restaurants. Similarly, meals on restaurant are also not included in this estimation.

3. Transportation

An average student spends around $70 a month on transportation. However, taxi costs and uber expenses are not included. The average taxi fare in USA is $2.70 per mile. It is recommended to travel by uber in urgency because it is slightly cheaper than taxi. Uber is likely to save you some dollars for pizza or lemonade.

4. Bills

There will be lots of bills that you need to settle every month. For example, telephone, internet, electricity, waters, and so on. These will cost you around $120 depending upon your usage. Normally, the monthly telephone and internet charge will be around $50 a month. In some boards, utility bills are already summed in your rent and if it is not then it will cost you around $70 per month.

5. Entertainment

It is up to you that how much you going to spend on your entertainment. A movie ticket costs an average of $8.5 and similarly, the average price of 12 pack beer ranges from $15 to $22 depending on shipping and brand. However, the monthly spending is estimated to be in average of $75.

6. Other expenses

There are various other directs, indirect and emergency expenses that you have to face.  Some of them might be clothing, medicines, pizza-party, and so on. Expense on clothes depends on your choice, needs and fashion and is likely to be $100 if you shopped in normal places. And, the cost of medicines and health is not predictable in any figure.


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