Doing part-time work in Australia

Doing part-time work in a fast-food takeaway shop in Australia is one of the most instrumental experiences for me. Growing, learning, and unrolling myself in the busy paced life of Australia. Working with an amazingly friendly Columbian co-worker, serving delicious bakeries with a sip of mouth melting coffee is the specialization of our shop. It is not our shop actually, but the sweet old lady on her early late 30s never made us feel that the shop was her alone. The solicitous and gratifying treatment of that sweetest human being never makes us stop feeling that the café is our second home.

When I pull my nostalgic ability and tend to visualize the scenario of a year back, I see myself struggling, surmounting in the diverse and dynamic surrounding in Australia. But in the same visualization, I feel happy to see myself getting healed, adopting, and learning to embrace the assortment. I was alone, depressed, and saudade kid trembling with homesickness and loneliness. I decided to do part-time work while studying in Australia, and it was then when I stepped into this wonderful coffee shop. My boss, who is more than just a boss, like a mom, like my legal custodian, she helped me out to settle down with extremeness and homesickness that was puncturing my emotional and social state. Inviting me and my colleague for dinner, taking us for a cinema during weekend nights, driving us to beaches on the horizon, guiding us with studies and hygiene, she has a really giant heart.

At first, it was not easy. Dealing with earthlings with different cultures, religions, languages, and other orientation was never been less feverish. Working as a cashier in a busy takeaway shop nearby the central station, struggling with accents and slangs that Aussie use during the conversation, again struggling with mediocre English language skills of immigrants students, losing confidence, running nervous, and all those appalling moments. But I grew up, I learned. And now, I enjoy my work, I must say that I am sort of addicted to my job and the workplace. Those pleasing aroma of fresh muffins and coffee beans, the sound of a coffee machine, the glamour of the city, pubs down the streets, that beautiful Indian girl who always stops by to grab a coffee, I just love the way how the place and things are in and around our shop. Sometimes I wish I could work every day in here instead of just 20 hours a week.


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