This scholarship covers full tuition, fees, room and board, and a book allowance. It is only awarded to students who are residents of Washington, DC, who have attended an accredited high school in the area, and who are applying for financial aid.

GW rewards exceptionally qualified students with academic scholarships.

Applicants are automatically considered for merit scholarships as part of the admissions process and no application is required


You may meet the qualifications for several merit scholarships, but can only be awarded one scholarship. Some scholarships may require U.S. citizenship. If you receive GW employee benefits you are not eligible to receive a merit scholarship.

Award Requirements

If you’re a freshman and receive a merit scholarship, you’re guaranteed the award for up to 10 consecutive semesters as long as you maintain continuous full-time enrollment and satisfactory academic progress. Unless otherwise indicated, all scholarships and merit awards can only be used towards tuition expenses.

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