Stay positive, Filter negativity, and Wait

We worry too much for every tiny scratches and breaking. That is us just digging a whole for our own cemetery. For example, What usually we do if we failed a semester? Most of us will successfully take that issue to whole next level with tears, screams, and other emotional dramas, some of us will even do some smelling and smoking already but no one really tends to be positive. Positive enough to think that you can pass it next time. It’s very true that loosing with exam hurts, it hurts a lot but what we need to realize is that involving in wailing activities at the extreme is not just healthy for you, for both inner as well as outer you.

Submitting yourself to negativity is possibly the worst things you can do to yourself. In the same way, positive energy, positive thinking, and positivity is the best thing you can give to yourself. And you know staying positive is easiest, you just have to filter negativity from your mind and obviously from your life as well. Being so busy with negative and disturbing thoughts, people might not even know that positivity is the best friend to your cardiovascular health, so as greater resistance to the common cold. It is also a shield to protect you from the perils of depression and stress.

Things are tough, they get even tougher sometimes. Whatever happens, never submit yourself to negativity. Life is not always a bed of beautiful roses, sometimes its whole zone of cactus as well. But never give up on life neither give up on cactus. If you have the patience to wait and watch that miserable looking cactus then it as well blooms beautiful flower one day. And that beautiful flower appearing in front of disturbing thorns look so mesmerizing that you will just see the flower neglecting the thorns, it looks even prettier than that beautiful rose that grows in the garden. But do you have the patience for that? Do you really have that endurance to wait for that cactus to blossom?

And, the same goes with your life as well. No matter, how much miserable it gets or how much crestfallen it is, just stay positive, work hard and hope for positive things to happen, and one-day everything thing will be alright. Nothing is permanent in this world, not even your sorrows and suffering. If you never quit and keep trying then one you will succeed eventually. But things take time, sometimes they might take a bit more than usual. And do you really hold spirit and patience for that?


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