Scholarships at University of Liverpool

Sports Scholarships at the University of Liverpool is another exciting opportunity for students to take their study and athletic career at a balanced pace.

University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is a public university in city of Liverpool, Eng land. This 1881 established institution succeed the royal chart of UK in 1903. This one of the original redbrick civic university is also the founding member of Russell Group. The University of Liverpool manages 35 departments and schools of 3 major disciplines. In overall, there are about 29,000 students in over 230 degrees programs that the University of Liverpool offers. It was the world’s first university to establish departments in oceanography, civic design, architecture, and biochemistry at the Johnston Laboratories.

Scholarships at University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool provides outrageous figure of scholarships, awards and bursaries to students. Scholarships are being awarded depending upon factors like academic merits, athletic talent, social status, and study area of the students. However, the university holds some scholarships vacancies for international students as well. Similarly, sports scholarship at University of Liverpool is the scholarships platform that is assessable for both national and international athletic talents. Generally, this scholarship is for those students who possess the potential to represent the University of Liverpool in BUCS (British universities and colleges sports). Basically, successful recipient of the scholarship will receive a service package of physiotherapy, sports psychology, strength and conditioning support alongside a complementary Sports and Fitness Centre membership.

Eligibility and Application process

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be master at your chosen sports. You must have good sporting and athletic history. Following, you must not have any dropped out or banishing records on your sports career. In order to apply, you need to download application form the university website and fill out the form. In addition to that, you must provide two references from someone related to your sports field. Moreover, this scholarship is awarded to someone who has sharp talents and capability that can contribute the score to the university’s cabinet.

Important dates

Applications for 19/20 will open on May 1st and close on September 6th.  

Please refer to the official website of university for more details.


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