research scholarships for international students at University of Western Australia

Research scholarships at University of Western Australia are the scholarship programs for students to start doctoral education and research at the University of Western Australia.

University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia is the Australian public research university in Perth, capital city of state of Western Australia. This 108 years old sandstone university is the sixth oldest university in Australia and oldest in Western Australia. The University of Western Australia has main campus in Perth and also has other campus networks in different parts of Western Australia. The university has over 25,000 students enrolled in different undergraduate and graduate programs. In overall, the annual undergraduate tuition fees are $36,000 for business courses, $30,000 for Arts/Education, and $38,310 for Engineering/Science.

Scholarships at University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia offers numbers of scholarships for students. University has scholarships program for each category, level of studies and academic departments. Likewise, international students can also participate in and apply for different scholarships. And, Forrest Research Foundation Scholarship is the scholarships program for students to enroll in a Ph.D. program and engage in research. This scholarship is open to both domestic as well as international students.


In order to be successful recipient of Forrest Research Foundation Scholarships, as an international student, you need to satisfy the following criteria

i. Firstly, you must be commencing doctoral studies at the University of Western Australia and additionally, you must be enrolling in the full-time study.

ii. Following, you must meet the minimum course requirements and English language proficiency tests.

iii. In addition to that, you must have previously taken PhD research studies. Similarly, you must not be recipient of sponsorship from before.

Scholarship value

The total scholarship award amounts $50,697. Generally, it is payable in every fifteen days as fortnight stipend and allowances.

Please see the official website of theUniversity of Western Australia to see more information about application procedure and deadline.


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