Re-Entry Scholarship for Masters in Australia, 2020

The University of Adelaide calls for applications for the Re-Entry Scholarship for Masters in Australia.

The University of Adelaide offers Diana Medlin Re-Entry Scholarship for Honours or Masters in Australia, 2020, a Master’s degree in the field of Courses offered at the University. The prime ambition of this scholarship is to provide an opportunity for a student who has an undergraduate degree for a research career but conflicted academic development (e.g. to fulfill family obligations, due to a medical condition)

The Scholarship provides a stipend equivalent to that provided by a Research Training Program Scholarship (RTPS) for a period of up to twelve months.  There are no other allowances.

The University of Adelaide provides this scholarship and the value of this scholarship is Partial Funding, USD 27,596 per year.


The candidates must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the Re-Entry Scholarship for Masters in Australia

  • They must be a citizen or permanent resident in Australia.
  • Also, the candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree (at least a 3-year degree).
  • However, their bachelor’s degree cannot be more than three years old.
  • Moreover, they must be full-time applicants
  • Also, they must not receive any other funding.
  • Furthermore, they should have obtained admission to an Honours or Coursework Masters program

Scholarship Availability

The scholarship is provided only to the applicants who

  • are Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia who have been resident in Australia for at least 12 months
  • have completed an undergraduate degree of at least 3 years duration
  • Also, have completed the undergraduate degree at least 3 years prior to the closing date for applications;
  • are to enroll as full-time students as well as are not in receipt of significant alternative financial support
  • have gained admission to an Honours or Coursework Masters program  in 2020

The election will be based primarily upon the academic performance of the applicant at the undergraduate level and upon the recommendation of the department in which the student intends to enroll.  The Graduate Scholarships Committee may, at its discretion, take into account the individual circumstances of each applicant.

Value of the Scholarship

The successful applicant of the University of Adelaide’s Diana Medlin Re-Entry Scholarship for Honours or Masters program will receive an award of USD 27,596 for the duration of the year.

For more details, visit the official site.


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