Problems faced by international students in UK

Someone has said long ago, “Life is never easier” and I reckon that is more than true. Life is never easier, no matter where you go and how you go, you will always have to face and fight with problems. Yes, that’s true that problem will never leave you alone even if you go to Disneyland either Tomorrowland. In the same way, you cannot simply hide even if you are in beautiful city like London. Despite of your age, class, sex, origin, and all other features problems will just stick around you. Relating to this issue, today we are going to discuss about five major problems faced by international students in UK

1. Language Barrier

English language is one of the major challenges to the international students living in United Kingdom. In spite of good knowledge of English language, many students struggle with English in their day to day living. The British English and accent of speaking is different than how it is spoken in rest of the world which is the vital reason that some students trouble to cope up with language even after good IELTS score.

2. Cultural Shock

Cultural Shock is the physical and psychological trauma to a person caused by new adaptation and surrounding features.  Moreover, it is the discomfort stat when a person moves to another country or somewhere with new cultures and features. And the international students in UK are always affected by this disorder. New patterns of living, different climatic features, unlike foods,  varying cultures, etc are the main reasons that lead students to the disorder called Cultural shock.

3. Finance

Studying and living in UK is the personal dream and desperations of many students. And we all know that we have to pay the price of dreams. However, in this case it’s not that we have to pay directly to the dream by EFPTOS or any media but we have to get ready for high cost of living of UK. The value of pound sterling is comparatively higher than the most of the currencies in the world. So, paying large amount of tuition and higher cost of living are some major drawbacks of education in UK

4. Racial Discrimination

UK is the country with social harmony and cultural diversity, it is one of the best places to live but still many international students are the victims of racial discrimination on and off campus, racial discrimination can be verbal and physical abuse. Dealing and fighting with racial abuse and discrimination is one of the main things that every international student need to be prepared of before coming to United Kingdom.

5.  Homesickness

Homesickness is the most common problems faced by international students all over the world and the international students in UK cannot be excluded from the disease of homesickness. Homesickness is not a new thing but some students find it very stressing and hard to deal with. On the other hand, it might grow frustration and poor performance in academic activities.


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