international students in US

Being and living as a foreigner is never easy anywhere and the situation will be even worse when you are student and foreigner at the same country at the same time. Thousands of students travel around to the United States of America annually seeking higher education, opportunities, and escape. Each of them has their own life experience and fights. However, today I have listed some of the major problems that international student in the US suffer with

Homesickness and Cultural Shock

It is one the major and common problem that international students suffer in any parts of world. And US, is also definitely included in the list. Living away from home is always painful. Similarly, founding yourself in new adaptation with new tackles of living is hectic.

Making friends

This is another vital as well as common problem of international. USA hosts students from all over the world and there are high chances of dissolving in the queues of peoples. Additionally, some students are shy and not open by their social background and culture. In this case, it will be very hectic to him/her.

Financial crisis

Nothing is free in USA, neither cheaper. It is true than more than half of international students face financial crisis in the United States of America. Every expense will be on USD with value more than of your country’s currency. You might compromise or sacrifice many things if you are living life of international student in US.

New Education system

The education system in the United States is highly advanced and innovative. It will be very hard and struggling for someone not with a base or any ideas. Similarly, assignments and paper writings are also tough and solid. International students struggling and razing themselves to run along with the US education system is a common problem.

Language barriers

Majority of the population in the United States speak English. So will be a compulsion for international students to speak English. However, international students should demonstrate good English language level to apply for college or visa. But the main language error is caused by slangs and accent. Plus, Americans speak too fast which is hard for non-native speakers to understand.

New Sports and foods

If you are from the country where Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey and American football are not popular then you are likely to feel bored because they are the most popular sports in USA. Majority of people play and enjoy these games. Similarly, the foods as well might be new to you. Although foods are very delicious and mouth-melting you may lack your local tastes and preferences.


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