Preparing For SAT By Yourself

Students who want to score high on their SAT’s need a game plan. But with so many options, prep classes or private tutor, buying a book or using online resources, deciding what’s best for you can be difficult. Furthermore, preparing for the SAT by yourself could be much tougher and tiresome.

If you haven’t joined any prep classes and decided to study on your own then you already know it is not as easy as you have thought. You may have faced various problems whether it be deciding which book to use or which pencil to use in the exam day. Here are some of the tips that might help you to prepare for your SAT’s in a more efficient way.

Know your skill

As you may have already realized, SAT is not like any other exams that you have previously given. It is not necessary that a class topper will excel in SAT or the student with the lowest grade fails miserably.

First of all, you need to find out your strength and weakness at least a 2-3 months prior to exam day. This way you will have a clear idea on the things you need to work on and it will also give you enough time to refine your strength.

Allocate your study time

As mentioned earlier, SAT is not like any other exams that you have previously given. So, if you used to study a day before the exam and excel it, do not even think to do that for SAT’s. SAT preparation is a gradual process and takes some time for you to excel it. It is best if allocate at least 30 minutes every day until your exam day. This will help you to gain more confidence and fluency.

Study Creatively

Let’s are honest, preparing for any type of examination is never fun. However, there are ways you can your preparation much more creative.

You can use different colors while taking notes. Your brain gets attracted to colorful things so colored notes will definitely make you study efficiently. Furthermore, you can teach the new concepts you have learned to your friends or a doll or even your dog. This will help you really understand what you have learned and you will instantly know your weaknesses if there is any.

Challenge Yourself

Once you have finished learning a chapter, you can challenge yourself by taking a quiz about it or actually taking a mock test. It is better if you at least take 3 mock tests prior to your test day. This will help you to realize your true progress and identify weaknesses so that you can improve them later

Thus, here are the few tactics you can try out in order to improve your scores while you are preparing for the SAT by yourself.


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