High School

Education in the college is not an easy journey. It requires a lot of skills and knowledge. Most of such skills and knowledge need to be learnt before you enter into college. Your time in the high school has more important for your college education than you can imagine. Your activities in the high school have direct influence upon what kind of college enter and what level of success you see in the college. So it is better to be an early bird and get ready for college while you are in high school.

Below are the advices that can help you prepare you for your entry and success in good colleges in the United States:

  • Know your counselor

Know who your guidance counselor in the high school is. This is the person whom will team up with you throughout your years in the high school and beyond. Your counselor will be guiding you in your decisions and activities to meet your goals. Apart from this, guidance counselors have a great role in college application. Most colleges demand a recommendation from your guidance counselor in the high school. So it is better she knows you well.

  • Research colleges and degrees

This is the time what to think about what you want to study in life and for what purpose. Answers to these questions will make you clear about what kind of college you need to attend. Do a research on colleges and their degree requirements so that you be prepared and eligible to apply to colleges of your choice after high school. You also need to make choices of subjects in your high school on this basis. Many to all colleges prefer students to succeed and have the standard and challenging subjects, such as math, literature, history, and science for the “base” degree. Higher technical degrees then unravel into more specifics in each subject, depending on which path one wishes to follow. Earlier you decide on this matter, more time you get to work out on other fields to make you a strong candidate for your desired college.

Ask the college graduates about their experiences. How they go admitted? How did they carry out the process? What is the difference between education in high school and in college? These are some possible questions. Start thinking about your financial status. Calculate how much you and your family can afford for you. You will conclude either having or not having a financial need.

  • Extracurricular activities are important. Do not miss them.

Involve yourself in extracurricular activities. Colleges want people whom will involve themselves in their school and has shown dedication in the past. Extracurricular activities don’t need to be specifically in school. Search for clubs or volunteer work around your local town. Listing down these things, how long you have been doing them, etc. will show the college(s) that you have the ability to manage your time with other events aside from homework.

Joining 10 activities and succeeding in none of them is not good. Choose activities of your interest and stick to them. Involve in team works. Team and community spirit is one of the most important qualities colleges look for in their students.

  • Focus on your GPA

Study hard in every course of each year. Your cumulative GPA (grade point average) is very important for colleges, as each one requires a minimum in order to enter or be accepted.

  • Make habits of note taking and regular learning

Prepare and practice your note taking skills. On average, there are about 25-35 students per teacher in a high school class. However, in college, it will range from 25 to 100 per professor. Classes are done in any given environment, whether it’s in actual science laboratory or auditorium. If you do not pay attention in school, it would be wise to adjust your listening and note-taking skills early, as the professor will talk quickly and won’t be able to say something twice. Most college students bring tape recorders or laptops to type out notes on. Curriculum in high school is light and general, whereas in college you will get more specific. So make a habit of regular learning.

  • Prepare for standardized tests

Start preparing for and completing the PSAT/ACT/SAT. A lot of high schools have you take these either in your junior or senior year and most colleges accept at least one of them as a requirement. Know that you must pass with a certain score on them, for certain degrees.

The PSAT is good to take in your junior year, as it is good practice for the SAT, and it can qualify you for merit scholarships.

  • Apply early

Early application is important for you to secure seats in good colleges. Apply to colleges as soon as you begin your senior year in the high school. Note that most of all colleges have application deadlines, so be sure to have everything organized and ready. This is the time to prove on paper to them why you wish to attend the college, what activities you have done, and so on.


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