OYA School: Compare Colleges and Universities

Are you in your final year of high school and it is about time you start thinking about the universities you would like to attend? Or are you taking a gap year to refine your college application, however, you don’t know which university is the right fit for you? Maybe you’re a parent and you are really stressed about your teenager leaving for a university, wondering if the university is good or not, or moving so far in that costly university is really worth it?

Finding a perfect university is a difficult job specially when there are so many options and you just cannot wrap your head around one. Maybe you want to read in the United States or in Australia or in the United Kingdom but just cannot decide where. Don’t worry, it is perfectly fine to have some doubt or uncertainty over choosing a university, after all, it is your future we are talking about!

On top that, it is even more hard to decide a college when you don’t have the right resources. OYA School provides you with a platform where you can compare thousands of US Universities, Australian Universities, and UK Universities. OYA School collects data from various reliable sources and presents in an organized manner so that students or parents can take benefit from it.

The comparison platform OYA School provides is like no other. You want to compare a college in the United States with a college in the United Kingdom? No worries! By using OYA School you can compare more than 1500 universities in three of the biggest educational hub in the world.

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With the help of OYA School, you can compare colleges on the basis of acceptance rate, scholarships, location, applications requirements, deadlines and what not! OYA School has all the pre-requisites you may need in your college application journey.


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