New Year Eve while studying abroad

Studying and living in abroad is exciting and life-time experience but also a package of loneliness, homesickness, solitude, and sadness. And the sadness at peak is when the festival season comes. And in the New Year Eve,  seeing all those pretty lights all over the cities, happenings, and events in the downtown and fireworks will make you feel sadder. Similarly, restaurants will be full of peoples gathering for family dinner, friends New Year parties or romantic dates with their darlings. And you are there, all alone. Biting your nails, dropping your jaws and suffocating from inside in the stacks of disappointments and sadness.

You went to the subway but you do not know in which train you need to get into. You just do not have anywhere to go. Your closest friend Caleb flew to Chicago to celebrate New Year with his families. All the shops and eatery remains close on New Year, so you do not have to work as well. You feel lonelier. You just do not know where you want to go, but with small amount of courage and determination on your heart you wait for next train to come. As soon as the doors of trains tore apart, you got into the train. This time you are not in marathon competition to find seats on the metro because trains that run outbound from cities are usually empty during New Year Eve. It is because everyone gathers in the city to wait for the fireworks and lightening.

The views you saw from the windows of metro trains are awesome. Each time when your eyes want to scan something, the speed of the metro makes it blur and vanishing. For an example, like you saw impressive looking graffiti on the wall but you train didn’t allow you to read or view properly, similarly, you a pretty filly on the bridge and you regret again for not being able to stare at her properly, not even her face neither hips. You need to realize that life is like that, life is moving metro train and you are traveling with it, you see something interesting, you want to go for it but the flow of life won’t allow you to go, it was near to you but the high tempo of winds of life did not let you go for it. But the interesting thing is that when you get off from the train on your destination, the amazedness and beauty of surroundings will make you forgot everything. You will no longer remember those landmarks or stuff that you can’t capture well during your journey.

Similarly, you don’t regret spending this New Year Alone here because you see the bigger and beautiful picture of tomorrow. You with your MBA degree, working on a managerial position, riding an Audi, spending each New Year in the grand hotel of bigger cities. You confront yourself that you are on a phase that you are developing and growing. You are preparing yourself and far from home for a mission, your MBA degree. You are going to have better days in the future and for that shake, you need to sacrifice something now, compromise on some things. And, now this new year is more precious for you because it is your first New Year Eve after you had wisdom. Vibes of sadness and loneliness is not killing you anymore. You are smiling, the train stopped at Central station and you climbed down and went towards KFC with a different charm on your face, the charm of self-realization and wisdom.


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